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 MSX course 

  • Introduction
  • 1. Wires and plugs
  • 2. Booting and customizing
  • 3. Using diskettes
  • 4. MSX-DOS (I)

  •  Reviews 

  • Don't Cock It Up!
  • KPI Ball
  • Realms of Adventure
  • Moskow 2024
  • Ark-a-Noah
  • Sex Bomb Bunny

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  • MadriSX 2001
  • XVIII Salon del MSX
  • MSX Den-yu Land 2000
  • MSX Den-yu Land
  • Barcelona XVI
  • Barcelona XV

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  • Imanok's MSX site
  • MSX Info Blad
  • MSX Museum Box
  • Novatec
  • MSX XPress

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  • khadgar
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