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I love taking pictures of folks with my Gameboy Camera. Here are a whole bunch of people, including friends, family, and complete strangers. Remember to hover the cursor over each picture for a comment or description. I'm only putting 20 per page in sympathy for you poor saps using dial-up connections. They are pretty much in alphabetical order of whatever the heck I named the file when I transferred it from Gameboy to PC.

My great aunt Velma!  Isn't she sweet?  We drove up to Oklahoma so she could come visit my grandmother in the hospital.  I'm glad we did, because my poor grandmother passed away two weeks later.  I am so glad we helped Velma see her sister one last time.This is my mom.  She was sitting next to Velma on the same trip to Oklahoma.My girlfriend's parents.My girlfriend's mom playing with her Christmas present, a new tripod!
A guy in Chicago's Midway airport, chowing down on a sandwich.A guy scarfing down some food and reading his notes at Houston Hobby airport.This was at Houston Hobby Airport - the girl in the middle was crying and her family was trying to comfort her.  Yes, I am an ass for taking pictures like this.My girlfriend Kim, acting goofy for the camera.
Dave and Linda, two folks I work with.Dave and Linda, two folks I work with.An eyeball.  I think it's mine, but I don't remember.A girl at Chicago Midway airport.  She was cute and reminded me of an old friend I lost touch with years ago.
This is Gravel.  He used to be my boss before I transferred.Another picture of Gravel.  He was a cool boss.Hi Kimmy!  She's about to turn 30 but this shot makes her look like a little kid.Kimmy pretending to eat ice from the Glover River in Golden, Oklahoma.
Kimmy waving from a washed out bridge over the Glover River.Kimmy pointing to ice on the Glover River.Kim watching TV at her parents' house.The lovely Kimmy doing her spokesmodel act.  This is at Canyon Lake in the Texas Hill Country.