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If I go on a trip, I usually take my Gambeoy Camera. I don't take it with me as much now that I have a Casio Wrist Cam, but I still enjoy "Funtography" with my GB Cam. Only 20 pics per page to have mercy on the dial-up users.

Hallway at my favorite movie theater.Hotel room at Hotel Baker in St. Charles, IL.Canyon Lake in central Texas.Rocks at Canyon Lake.
Another view from Canyon Lake.The intersection near my office building.  I was bored sitting at the traffic light.Chicago Skyline, Pt. 1.Chicago Skyline, Pt. 2
My favorite Mexican restaurant.The pool at my old apartments.A walkway at my old apartments.Dallas skyline.
Dallas Skyline.Dallas Skyline from another side.Equipment warehouse at my old job.Water Tower in Ferris, TX.  My girlfriend got a speeding ticket in Ferris.  This picture is dedicated to her.
Ferris water tower again.The frozen Fox River in St. Charles, IL.Another garage picture.Washed out bridge on the Glover River.  This road is actually closed indefinitely, I walked out there on foot.