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From the endeless and glamorous inspiration of the wood designer Giuseppe Matera,  springs up the first genuine wood bike in the world, the result of the passion and artistic sensibility of an Apulian artisan who has made a work of art without precedents for its design and originality.

It is not simply a bike. Matera Wood Bike represents the finishing post which moves forward every goal. No more sophisticated mountain bikes, with titanium frames and supertechnological accessories, it is important to respect nature, and this new ecologic bike comes out of the tree.

Originality, art and glamour are the unique peculiarities of this work, winning with style and catching with beauty.

Minutely studied in its shapes and details, the Wood Bike is entirely made in precious wood, with natural colors and harmonious lines which makes this bike a jewel, but perfectly working and resistant.

Matera Wood Bikes are a line of products which fully meet the various requirements of exacting amateurs. To man's and woman's models, another model unique in the world is added: the Wood Cyclette, designed for an active and complete training, to be done every day, in every season, with any weather, sheltered from the dangers of road traffic, linking elegance and usefullness in an unique and winning matching.

The handicraft carrying out of this innovating line of bikes was preceded by a series of models allowing the study of its overall activity and wood resistance for this particular use.

Every model, duly registered in order to ensure legal protection for these particular creations, are handicraft handmade products which can be personalised, by special requests of substitution of wood elements, already precious, with others like briar, walnut and ash, as a confirmation and a guarantee of the handicraft originality of each bike.

Giuseppe Matera - Designer
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