The BDAA is a non-profit, tax exempt, multi-ethnic, non-political association organized to:

ENJOY A MUSICAL VACATION - Each year we hold a week-long convention where everyone attending has some special interest in Eastern European music and folk culture. You'll find time to learn to play an instrument ... and to play along with others. If you don't play, you may wish to attend rehearsals of a one-hundred piece orchestra being honed into a musical marvel that will perform in a public concert at week's end. This is a vacation opportunity where you can combine a learning experience with the meeting of others who share your interests. Seminars and workshops are held on a large variety of subjects. Examples are: history of the music and instruments; instrument building; beginner's music reading; beginner through advanced domra and balalaika lessons; costuming; choral singing; sessions in recreational as well as performance folk dance and the ever popular zakuski workshop. We even have a special program for children ages 5-12! These conventions are generally held in late June or early July of each year, and we try to change locations as frequently as possible. Conventions have been held in Illinois, New Jersey, Arizona, Georgia, California, Texas, British Columbia, New York, Washington D.C., Pennsylvania, Nevada, and even on a cruise ship on the Volga River in Russia. Guaranteed: the same day you leave the convention, you will begin counting the days until the next one.

OUR NEWSLETTER - On a quarterly basis we publish a quality journal, the BDAA Newsletter, packed with news and information. You will find regular feature articles on music, construction and care of instruments, folk song and dance, costuming, recipes, concert schedules, music and foreign news. You will read of plans for tours to Europe and reports of visitors returning. It is a one-of-a-kind publication: informative, entertaining, and collectible. It alone is worth the price of the membership.

THE FUTURE - The BDAA places much emphasis on the preservation of Eastern European musical heritage in North America. To this end, we encourage young performers to join us and participate in our activities. We have several scholarships which are awarded to promising youths who have demonstrated the ability to play the various instruments. The grant permits them to attend our annual convention where they can get to meet and perform with musicians of considerable renown, including guest artists from Russia and Ukraine and recent émigré artists from those countries.

JOIN US - To join the BDAA you need only an interest in folk music, culture, history or art of Eastern European peoples. You don't have to play an instrument ... listening and enjoying is enough. Help us keep these folk instruments and their folk cultures alive. Do so by filling in and mailing the application printed below. Become a member of the BDAA.



Do you play an instrument?   ___ yes   ___ no
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2001 dues:

single: $25 US
family (sharing one newsletter): $30 US

single: $30 US
family: $35 US

Please print this form, fill it out,
and mail with your payment to
(in US funds, please) to:

2801 Warner Street
Madison, WI 53713

Phone: 1-608-259-9440
FAX: 1-509-479-8125


Pour nos membres francophones: 
Nous serons heureux de vous assister en français.

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