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Simple Loan Calculator

Simple Loan CalcSimple Loan Calculator is an easy to use loan calculator with that does what you need a loan calculator to do - compare loans. Instead of just running numbers like most calculators, it give you the option to compare up to 3 loans, side by side. That's what you use a loan calculator for, right? We've taken the computerized loan calculator and made it one better. Just look at what ours can do.

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Quick and Easy  (fun) to use -  tabbed interface makes it quick and functional. screen shot
Compare Loans at a glance, rather than running one calculation, then another, then forgetting what the first one was. screen shot
Run amortizations quickly and easily.
Solve for payment, term, or principal with the click of a button.
Run from the system tray for quick access.
Know how much interest your paying at a glance.
Save your loan information for later. It can even remember your last comparison.
Print out loan information in a variety of combinations. Print out only loan info, only amortization info, both loan and amortization info, loan comparisons and more.
Make a "loan list" that has any number of loans and amortization's on it. You can even add your own notes.
All this in an attractive tabbed interface!

Are you ready to STOP messing around with loan calculators that only give you a little information?  Ready for something better? Something that actually is useful? Give it a try, for free, you'll be glad you did :) If you decide to keep it it's only $8.95.

Download Info

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System Requirements:lock.gif (2707 bytes)

PC running Win 95 / 98

Download Info:
Program name: SLCsetup.exe
Program size: 3 meg
Version: 2.3.0
System Req. : 486/66 with 8 meg ram
Recommended System : Pentium class processor with 16 meg ram

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