There has been no work done on xbattle since 9/1/96

Please see www.lysator.liu.se/~mbrx/XBattleAI for an unofficial continuation of the unix 5.x xbattle line. As its name suggests, XBattleAI supports computer opponents.

Please see www.freeloads.com for a networked Windows version called Energy Battle (ebattle)

Welcome to the official xbattle home page. Here you'll find all the latest information on xbattle, a multi-player game of strategy and coordination for X-Window systems. Check out the following links for specific information, or keep scrolling to read general information on the game.
Introduction to XBattle (5 Parts)
XBattle Installation
History of XBattle
The XBattle Manual
XBattle Option Help
What's New in v5.4.1?
What's Coming in v6.0?
Map and Game Archive
Sneak Preview of v6.0 (Serious inquiries only)
Download XBattle v5.4.1 (129kb) (Or try alternate site)

So what's this game all about?

XBattle is a concurrent multi-player arcade/strategy game that captures the dynamics of a wide range of military situations through numerous options. The game board is a matrix of game cells which can be occupied by troops of various colors, with troop strength indicated by the size of colored markers within a cell. Troops are commanded by clicking the mouse near the edge of an occupied cell in the direction that movement is to take place. XBattle is concurrent, so that commands are given continuously by all players without waiting for turns. A command will be acknowledged by the appearance of a command vector, and thereafter, in each update cycle, a certain proportion of the troops will move from the source cell to the destination cell. In this way, troops can be slowly redistributed via supply lines which steadily deliver troops to their endpoints. Troops of different colors engage in battle whenever they come to occupy the same cell. A wide variety of options are available for configuring troop movement, distribution, and production. Please consult the 5 part Introduction for a graphical tutorial of the basic options and game play of xbattle.

Who can use xbattle?

To compile and run xbattle, you will need to have an ANSI C compiler on a Unix system running X-Windows (R4 or higher). XBattle has been successfully compiled on most major Unix platforms. To actually play the game, you'll need at least two X consoles or terminals connected to a common network. Color monitors are preferable, but not necessary. If you're not sure if your system will support xbattle, consult the Installation page for additional info.

Who wrote xbattle?

The original version of xbattle was authored by Steve Lehar (slehar@cns.bu.edu) while a graduate student at Boston University's Department of Cognitive and Neural Systems. Soon thereafter, Greg Lesher (lesher@cns.bu.edu), another grad student in the same department, took over code development and shared concept development with Steve. Since version 5.0, Greg Lesher has been the sole xbattle developer.

Where can I get xbattle?

The entire xbattle 5.4.1 release, including source code, demo files, man page, and interactive tutorial, can be downloaded from this page via anonymous ftp in gzipped or compressed tar formats.
xbattle-5.4.1.tar.gz (129 kb)
xbattle-5.4.1.tar.gz (129 kb) (alternate site)
xbattle-5.4.1.tar.Z (202 kb)
See the Installation page for detailed information on how to download, unpack, and compile xbattle.

How can I keep informed?

There is an xbattle mailing list which is used almost exclusively for announcing new releases and fixes. If you are interested in being added to this list, please send email with the header "SUBSCRIBE" to xbattle-request@gnu.ai.mit.edu.

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