Tradeline Historical Securites Pricing Database

The Most Accurate, Comprehensive Data in the Industry
Can you imagine making the wrong investment recommendations to a client because you had "bad data?" That won't happen with

Data Integrity
Tradeline is the leader in data integrity. We collect data from resources around the world and then deploy an extensive non-stop, 24 x 7 process of data verification, correction and updating. The "scrubbing" is meticulous. The attention to detail is extraordinary.

Comprehensive Content
Tradeline is the premier source for historical securities pricing, dividends, earnings and performance information. We offer a wide range of data from its comprehensive databases and leaders in financial research. Plus, Tradeline's financial databases are built on more than 25 years of historical information. No other data vendor can provide such comprehensive historical information detailing long-term financial performance.

Tradeline North America
The premier source for historical securities pricing, dividend, earnings, performance and fundamental company information. Tradeline North America offers integrated data covering more than 420,000 North American securities, including equities, debt, options, mutual funds, and market and industry indices. It reports trading on 22 major exchanges, in addition to over-the-counter issues.

Tradeline cross-references a company's entire history, making critical historical information available by linking data with corporate names, CUSIPs and ticker symbols. It provides more than 70 data items on both active and inactive issues, including descriptions, market capitalization, price/volume data, 52-week high/low, dividend distributions, interest payments and total returns. Tradeline also pre-calculates the most frequently used measures of performance, such as Beta, yield, price/earnings ratio and percent price/volume change. Users may retrieve unadjusted pricing, or obtain instant snapshots showing adjustments according to stock splits, dividends, cash or cash-equivalent distributions. Users may also define adjustment time periods, applying them flexibly and receiving results immediately.

Tradeline International
The Tradeline International historical securities pricing database tracks the history of more than 120,000 equity issues and more than 1,000 market and industry indices. Information covers 169 currencies, nine security identifiers, 94 countries and 192 exchanges. More than 300 data items per issue are provided, with phonetic name look-up. Information is updated daily and managed by's database technology. Speed, flexibility, depth, and uncompromising data quality make Tradeline International an indispensable tool for price/performance analysis, company analysis, technical analysis, industry/geographic evaluation and client reporting.

Seamless Integration
Tradeline's data and technology easily integrate into your existing applications. We provide the databases, components and tools you need in a single, fully integrated interface that interacts effectively with other applications.

Access Methods
  • Tradeline Open Server (TLOS)
  • Remote Tradeline (RTL)
  • Direct database access
  • Online access via third-party partners (Factiva, Lexis-Nexis, Dialog)
  • Application access via TIP and/or Tradeline Add-In
  • Componentized application/API access via Tradeline Interactive Components (TIC)
  • Tradeline Interactive markup language (XML)

To Learn More
About's powerful Tradeline databases, contact our Institutional Sales Department via email at; call us toll-free at (888) 577-3760; or use our Contact Us page.

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