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Downloading Guide

If you're new to downloading software, here is a guide to downloading that should help.

Please note: none of the links or buttons below actually work. They are all just pictures. Also, the below example is shown using Microsoft Internet Explorer 4. A download using version 5 or 5.5 is the same. Netscape is very similar as well.

Step 1

Click the download link.

Step 2

Choose to save to disk and hit the OK button.

Step 3

Choose where you would like the file downloaded to. I normally use the desktop because after the download there is an icon there. I'm less likely to lose it that way! Then press the "Save" button.

You may choose a location other than the desktop. You can create a folder on the C: drive named "Downloads". The you can keep all your download software in that location.

Possibly the best way of doing it is to download the software to your desktop and transfer it to a download folder after you have installed the software. The reason being is sometimes the downloaded file name isn't very descriptive. If you have 40 different files in a folder named "downloads" it may be a little difficult to determine what file you just downloaded! On the other hand, if you download it to your desktop you can easily figure out where the file is and then later transfer it to a "downloads Folder".

If you wish to place a download folder on your C: drive as mention above do the following:
First, double-click the My Computer icon on your desktop. Next, double-click the "C" drive. Select File, New>>, Folder. A folder icon will appear with the words New Folder highlighted. Type in the name you would like for the folder (i.e. "Downloads"). That's it, you now have your very own download folder!

Step 4

Watch the file download. After the download a message box will pop up telling you that the download is complete. The file will reside wherever you told the computer to put it in the step above.

Step 5

Finally, double-click the setup file you just downloaded. The install program will run and install the software on your machine. See, I told you it was easy! That's all there is to downloading software from my site. If you download from other sites, you may wish to read the info below.

Please Note: Although all the software here on WorldStart downloads in the form of a program that can simply be clicked to run the install program, you may find that some other sites use "zip" files for software downloads. If you come across one of these, you will need an "unzipping" program, such as WinZip.

If you run into a zipped file (again, don't worry about this if you are downloading software from this site :-) everything above will be the same. Once you get the program on your computer and click it WinZip will run and aid you with installation.

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