1.. Introduce AVENGED SEVENFOLD to the outside world. (Who is who in the
band, what is he doing in daily life and what was the main goal for starting
the band.)
Matt Shadows- during the day I look for things constantly to improve the band.
Sometimes I go to work. My goal was to combine different styles of metal and
hardcore and create a band with our own signature sound.
Zacky Vengeance- I rock the shadow axe
The Reverend Tholomew Plague is one something...
Justin Sane- I play the bass
I'm the infamous Synyster Gaytes & I rape and pillage the the guitar.

b.. How did you get hooked up with GOODLIFE, what did you knew from the
label before siging to it and what do you expect from the new album?
Shadows ~ We sent in a 5 song demo and Ed called us back and said he was
ready to move forward with us. I knew most of the bands on Good Life turned
out to be big bands and do very well, so we were very excited. I expect kids
from all different musical influences to enjoy the cd. There is alot of
metal, punk and hardcore which makes a good mix.
Zacky~ I knew about goodlife from several years back when i bought the one
king down\ spirit of youth split. I checked out there website and realized
they had put out some awesome albums so we decided to send them our demo.
The Reverend ~ I have no clue how they found us but I did alot of
masturbating after they did...

c.. What's the current state of the Californian scene lately? What happened
when big bands like STRIFE quitted and are there some new bands we have to
keep an eye open for?
Shadows ~ The cali scene is fine. There are so many bands from the Orange
County area. Bands I'm sure you've heard of such as Eighteen Visions,
Throwdown, Adamantium, Death by Stereo. These bands have taken the place of
all the bands that have called it quits. New bands that I'd watch out for
from California are "Taken" and "Bleeding Through." Also watch out for our
freinds in " From Autumn to Ashes. ' Congrats on the Ferret signing!
Zacky ~ As far as the scene goes in california Its a big scene with alot of
kids and bands. sometimes the politics of it all gets in the way of everyone
just getting along and having fun together which is what it should really be
all about. As far as the bigger cali bands that are no longer around, i feel
that they will always be alive in the sense that they have inspired soo many
bands and kids. Everyone finds a time when they need to move on and when
they do it gives other kids a chance to carry on where they left off. As far
as new good bands...Id say watch out for the new Guns and Roses Axl is back
and fatter then ever!! haha...Definately watch out for our friends in From
Autumn to Ashes even though there not from california. Oh Yah and Death by
Stereo fuckin rules!
The Reverend ~ I'm sure Europe mourns the loss of Strife but none of us

d.. Does AVENGED SEVENFOLD holds any political message or is there any
general message you want to spread with the band? (like straightedge or
vegetarianism or whatever)
zacky~ Im sure we all have our own beliefs but we keep them out of our music
because there personal and we dont want to force anything onto anyone...

e.. Which bands or what style would you compare AVENGED SEVENFOLD to and
what's the ultimate goal you want to reach with the band.
Shadows ~ The ultimate goal would be to take the band as far as possible and
have alot of fun. I want the band to eventually write a whole album that we
are all 100% happy with. Production wise, and music wise. That would be my
main goal for this band.
Zacky~ were such a wide range of music that its hard to compare....We dont
really just stick to one thing our goal is to maintain our own style and
write music we love... our roots lie deep within the metal and punk
scene..this is what we grew up loving..We just throw in the heaviness of
hardcore, the epic melodies of power metal and the raw emotion of rock and
roll..I personally dont want people to just listen to our music...I want them
to really feel it and become it....
The Reverend ~ To me we sound more like a metal band than hardcore band. But
we concentrate on the energy no matter what style it is compared too.

f.. How did each of you got involved with Hardcore and what are your best
memories about it.
Shadows ~ I got involved with hardcore my sophmore year in high school from
my neighbor. She gave me a Gorilla Biscuts album. I've been listening to
metal since fifth grade. The best moments for me have been going to shows
with all my friends and having a good time.
Zacky ~ I was always a punk kid...Punk and hardcore and metal all share a
certain attitude that me and all my friends have grown up with so it is only
natural to be a part of it...It has been soo good to me..Its what I live
for...Going into Westbeach studios and being able to cut an album at the same
place responsible for all the albums i grew up listening to was a dream come
The Reverend ~ Shadows and I grew up together and he's the one who got me
into hardcore, but we all have other principle interests in music. The mix of
styles helps with the writing.
Sane ~ My best memory of hardcore is every show Avenged Sevenfold plays.
Synyster ~ They asked me to play, so I did

g.. I guess sooner or later we will see AVENGED SEVENFOLD over here in
Europe. Did you ever been here and if no, what do you expect from it?
Shadows ~ Never been there. I hear they have the best crowds. Kids are really
into it there. I can't wait to travel there and play for them. We would love
to tour there ASAP. (hint Ed)
Zacky ~ I went to europe when i was really young to visit relatives and
havent been back since but i am looking forward to it sooo much!! I hear the
Kids over there give the kids over here a run for there money. Im gonna
hafta see it to believe it. Oh yah and mothers lock up your daughters when we
come to town haha.
The Reverend ~ We've never been there but we're amped about getting to go and
we hope all the metal and hardcore fans live up to their reputaion.
Synyster ~ Round up the Pussy...

h.. Why did you pick AVENGED SEVENFOLD as a bandname? Any special meaning
behind it?
Shadows ~ I always thought Avenged Sevenfold kinda sticks in your head. It
means you get punished seven times for all your sins when you die. The name
has a cool meaning and a nice ring to it. But lately people have been
complaining about not being able to remember the name. Oh well, fuck them.
Zacky~ basically what Shadows said. Its the mark that God put onto Cain
after he killed Abel. What goes around comes around sort of thing.
The Reverend ~ I didnt pick the name so eat a horses balls

i.. What's your opinion about religion into Hardcore? Does any member of
AVENGED SEVENFOLD holds any special religion?
Shadows ~ I dont care what a band talks about or preaches, as long as it
doesn't effect me. I listen to music more for the musical part and not so
much the message. Bands can say whatever they want. I don't really care. Oh,
and our religion is heavy fucking metal...
Zacky~ People can do whatever they want.... as far as us when its rock and
roll time we keep our beliefs at home. If what your doings not hurting
anyone then I dont have a problem...
The Reverend ~ Most of Shadows lyics express alot of deep personal beliefs,
but you definatly couldnt call them religious opinions in any way. The lyrics
are about what matters to us, which is not wealthy religious superpowers.
Synyster ~ It shouldn't be there...

j.. What other interests do you have besides the band?
Shadows ~ Going to shows, playing basketball and fishing
Zacky~ I love my friends (avenged sevenfold assault team) and my family
sevenfold. I love to rock and roll. Music is my life. Nothing else really
matters to me. If you take any of those 3 things away from me and Im
Synyster ~ The Pussy in Tokyo
The Reverend ~ I'm going to engineer a plane crash during the tour so that I
can experience eating the flesh of the first human that dies. I'm very
interested in that. Also, I would like o attend a freinds funeral someday.

k.. Anything else I forgot to ask or do you want to say some last words?
Zacky ~ I wanna thank Ed Goodlife for being so rad to us and you Jonah. Make
sure to visit or for the latest
and greatest. Oh yah and to all the ladies Im available!
The Reverend ~ Make sure and add the red light district to the tour for a few
days, and don't est too much shit!
Shadows ~ We wanna thanks all the kids that support us and buy the cd or help
in any way. Also wanna thank Ed for all of his support. He's done nothin but
help us and put 110% into us.