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Ogg is the umbrella for a group of several related multimedia and signal processing projects; two are currently in active development for planned release. Our goal is to protect essential tenets of Internet multimedia from corporate hostage-taking; Open Source is the net's greatest tool to keep everyone honest. See About Xiphophorus for details.

Ogg projects are about research, source code and education. Along with our code, we offer the development community detailed documentation of our research and the resulting software. Our current development focuses on the Vorbis audio codec (now nearing initial release). Research also includes work on future video and lossless audio coding.

Ogg Vorbis

Currently, Ogg Vorbis is our primary effort: A patent-clear, fully open general purpose audio encoding format standard that rivals or surpasses the 'upcoming' generation of proprietary coders (AAC and TwinVQ, also known as VQF).

Xiphophorus is currently actively developing libvorbis, an LGPLed source implementation of Vorbis as a library and a full featured encoder/player based on libvorbis. See the Ogg Vorbis homepage for documentation, downloads and distribution terms.

Ogg Tarkin

Discussion and tinkering have begun on an Ogg project video codec, currently named Tarkin. Developers are encouraged to browse or join the Tarking developers mailing list.

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