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XNG! (pronounced, "zing") is the world's first 100% graphite fiber bicycle rim.
No Aluminum, no bonding failures, no rivets, no foam, just 100% graphite fiber! XNG! is intended for racing and training. It is performance designed for racing, but is durable enough for all-day training. XNG! offers a 450 gram 700cc size rim or a 420 gram 650cc size rim with spoke hole drillings of 18 or 24 holes for front wheels and 24 or 28 holes for rear wheels. We offer other drilling options for a small additional charge. We also offer custom rims for very light or very heavy athletes, for special event/specific event and for tandem use.
Construction of our 100% graphite fiber rim consists of a proprietary technique using certified 38Msi modulus graphite fiber molded at over 300F with over 23 tons of force. Graphite fiber is a highly pure grade of carbon fiber and offers high strength and stiffness combined with lightweight. Graphite fiber has long been used in the construction of golf club shafts and tennis racquets and offers enhanced impact resistance. This 100% graphite fiber construction means that XNG! rims are the roundest, flattest, most durable, impact-resistant rims available. Additionally, the braking surface has been enhanced with a friction material providing long life and solid, predictable braking similar to the feel and durability of raw aluminum.
Fine-tuned in the wind tunnel, XNG! produced super-low aerodynamic drag due to the optimized rim shape and hidden nipples...and XNG! durability has been tested by Olympic Champions, World Champions, and National Champions under the most harsh condidtions mother nature and the roads can offer. Now we are very proud to offer XNG! not just to the privileged few ... but to everyone. Most importantly, the XNG! rim is designed and manufactured by cyclists, for cyclists.
The company founders are competitive road racers and triathletes, and have designed a product not based on marketing hype, but upon pure performance, quality, durability and affordability. Simply put, once you ride a set of XNG! wheels you won't want to ride anything else.
XNG! rims are mechanic-friendly. We here at XNG! work on our own equipment, so we manufacture wheels that are easy to build! XNG! rims are manufactured to aerospace tolerances, so building round, true wheels with XNG! rims is extremly easy. After the wheels are built, due to the nipple-rim interface, subsequent truing (even after thousands of kilometers of riding) is eliminated. We think you'll agree that your XNG! wheels are the first "no-maintenance" wire spoked wheels you've ever owned.


Rim Specifications Rim Height: 43.0 mm
  Rim Width: 17.5 mm
  ERD: 572 mm / 700C size or 522 mm/650C size
(standard alloy nipples)
  Recommended Spoke Tension: 120-130 kg (264-286 lbs)
  Front Wheel Drilling: 18 or 24
  Rear Wheel Drilling: 24 or 28
  Nipple Pull-Through Tension: Not less than 307 kg (675 lbs)
  Rim Weight: 450 grams, 700C size/420 grams, 650C size
  Total Indicated Roundness: 0.254 mm
  Flatness: 0.127 mm

For more information contact us at:

XNG! Graphite Wheels
4511 W. Chyenne Avenue Suite 602
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Telephone: 702-631-9643 Fax: 702-631-9666

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