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   Airfoil Plotter v1.0 is a program for printing out airfoils. It will print an airfoil  of any size on all windows supported printers. You can change the airfoil on screen and see the change immediately. You can than save the change and/or print it. If the printing size is bigger then the paper size the foil will be printed on few sheets, that will than be joined together, to form the full size airfoil. Of course, if you use a plotter with the right paper size, the whole airfoil will be printed on one sheet.

Airfoil Plotter v1.0 uses files with extension ".dat". Included are files that are available on the Net. All the UIUC airfoils will work fine. I've included the three Roncz parts for the canard.

The downloadable version is the shareware version. This version will print an airfoil max size of 10" or 25.5cm. Also you can not save the changes made to the airfoil.

Download the self extracting file in to a directory and run it. Then run setup.exe.

To purchase the full version please send a US $15.00 check or money order to the address on the left. I will then E-Mail you the full version EXE file.

Airfoil Plotter v1.0 is a 32bit program. It was tested on windows 95/98. It will probably work on windows NT. There are no plans for a 16bit version.

Airfoil Plotter v1.0   (2.14meg)

People with firewall problem can download the program in two discs.

Disk1  (1.14meg)

Disk2  (1meg)

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