Gravitec is a sub- (S) class Florida Corporation and was founded in 1996 by Mr. Michael Barber, Esq., Mr. Dustin Maze and Mr. Hector Serrano. The company was created to allow for an easy and familiar mechanism upon which investors could invest in Gravitec's venture.

Gravitec has been dedicated to the research and development of a new propulsion technology known as "Electric Field Propulsion". Simply stated, Field propulsion is the single most revolutionary propulsion break through in history.

The basis for this claim comes from the fact that field propulsion does not have to exhaust any gasses or matter to generate a propulsive force, it simply uses a non-uniform electric field around a mass to generate a propulsive force.

This means that field propulsion does not require fuel in the same way that a jet or a rocket does, it only requires electric power to convert it into a propulsive force.

In 1996 Gravitec made contact with a member of NASA Marshall Space Flight Center. This member has helped Gravitec in the past and is one of our NASA supporters. After our trip to Marshall we met Dr. Walter Hammond and Dr. Jonathan Campbell. At this point Dr. Campbell took an interest in our work and asked us to create a device to demonstrate the force effect through a rotary device, which we did.

Gravitec created the demonstrator at which time Dr. Campbell came to Kissimmee, Florida to videotape the device. He took the videotape to Marshall Space Flight Center to show other interested parties.

We were informed by Dr. Hammond that Dr. John Rusek at Purdue University was interested in the Brown effect, which is what field propulsion is based on.

After contacting Dr. Rusek at Purdue University we traveled to demonstrate the phenomenon and give a talk on the subject. As a result, Dr. Rusek and Purdue University began a small, but steady effort to test the phenomenon rigorously and eventually under high vacuum conditions.

The initial vacuum test showed as suspected that field propulsion did not require any exhaust gasses to operate. These tests, while good, are not enough to bring to the scientific community, because something this extraordinary in nature needs extraordinary proof. We currently need to perform a more controlled and metered vacuum experiment to eliminate all doubts that have surrounded the phenomenon in the past.

It is our desire that the new vacuum test be done at one of the vacuum facilities at the Naval Research Laboratories in Washington DC or a NASA testing facility sometime in the near future. The test and the set ups will be created by Gravitec, in co-operation with the testing facility. There will also be other participants including Dr. John Rusek and members of various interested government agencies.

Other organizations like the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) are closely watching Gravitec and its work. The NRO has requested that we invite them to our test, which we will do when the time of the tests are better established. The results of the test will be made public via this website. We also plan to publish our findings in a prestigious scientific journal.

Gravitec has a strong patent position, which is currently going unchallenged by any other organization or individual.

Gravitec is currently speaking with members of a major defense contractor interested in proceeding into the next level of testing in the ultimate vacuum environment of space. They have expressed interest in the possibility of licensing the technology for satellite maneuvering purposes.







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