Photo of William P. Lear William P. Lear*, 1954

Lear, Inc.
Reno, NV

William P. Lear was born on June 26, 1902 in Hannibal, Missouri, destined to change aviation and radio history forever. His formal education never went beyond eighth grade, yet he decided never to stop learning. He joined with Paul Galvin Manufacturing Company in 1930 to create the first working car radio. He later sold his radio and coil company to Paul Galvin and this company would later become Motorola. Starting his own company, Mr. Lear invented the all-wave radio receiver, which RCA purchased, setting him on the road to success. He soon invented the first working automobile radio, the Lear-o-scope, automatic direction finder and F-5 auto pilot. Always looking for a new challenge, on October 7, 1963, the first Lear Jet took off and ensured his legacy in aviation history.

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