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EQEmu Client Issues (Crashing before in-game) [Dec. 08 2001,21:44]
This is a reminder to the people who are having trouble getting into the game:

- If you have the latest patch without luclin this patch will fix your problem, if you have the latest patch and luclin, this patch may or may not work, but it is worth a shot:

Luclin Fix

This contains the proper fixes to downgrade you to DX7 (The dx8 file is a dummy) Be sure to read the instructions.

- Make sure you have the latest zone files, Kunark, Velious, depending on the zone you are trying to enter.

- Make sure you have the October 8th eqgame.exe, which can be found here please note if your using the Luclin Fix it has the proper eqgame.exe

- Having trouble with full screen?  Try EQW

Have a good week, enjoy 0.1.4, so far I have seen good results, very stable and enjoyable :)


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EQEmu Servers [Dec. 08 2001,20:33]
A new forum as been set up for posting server information. This forum will be up until the server status page is finished. The person who was working on it seems to have disappeared :/. You can post your EQEmu server info here. Please post your server's IP, EQEmu Version, OS, account info/how or where to get an account.
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EQEmu 0.1.4 [Dec. 08 2001,15:43]
EQEmu 0.1.4 is out!  It was worth the while, here are the changes:
- #rain command added (GM only)
- Itemsearch bug fixed (It would cut off the last number of the items number)
- Quagmires Q4 code included into the emulator
- MOTD and Startzone now editable in the DB (read Editable Items below)
- AGZ's new packet code entered, fixes some login problems.
- Zonestatus now works properly
- /who all is now functional
- #who was removed
- There are database changes! Please use the new DB included.

It can be downloaded here.

---Please read the readme.txt closely---
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EQW Updated [Dec. 08 2001,03:51]
EQW 2.2 has been uploaded to the server. The EQW link on the downloads page now links to the new version. You can also find this newly updated version at EQ Hacker's Realm. It includes support for the latest patch/SoL support, New DirectX 8.1 support, and 32-bit color mode support.
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Easy URL [Dec. 07 2001,13:38]
I haven't heard a single person complain or so much as mention this as being a problem (except one developer who claims it is an issue for some reason, will remain nameless), but you don't have to put a :81 or :443 at the end of the domain name to visit the site. Simply visit http://emu.hackersrealm.net/  (This URL works with all browsers)
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