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Rebate Tracker

Rebate tracker is the easy way to keep track of your rebates. No more forgetting about a rebate that never got paid (or not knowing who to contact about it). This program will probably pay for itself!

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Quick and Easy  (fun) to use -  tabbed interface makes it quick and functional. Screen Shot
See who owes you money, how much, and when it's due.
Don't lose money because you forgot about a rebate that was never paid.
Easy data entry - including auto-capitilazation.
Statistics show how many rebates you have out and the total amount you have coming. They also show how many have been paid and how much you've taken in!
Print envelopes to mail off your rebates in.
Supports multiple databases, so you can have a separate rebate file for each member of the family.
Supports an unlimited number of entries.

Are you ready to keep track of your rebates and to stop losing money on forgotten, unpaid rebates? Then give this clever program a try. You're sure to like it. If you decide to keep it, it's only $8.95. At that price, it will probably pay for itself!

Download Info

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System Requirements:

Program name: rbtsetup.exe.exe
Program size: 4.58 meg
Requirements: Win 95 or 98
Version: 1.0.1
System Req. : 486/66 with 8 meg ram
Recommended System : Pentium class processor with 16 meg ram

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