Thursday, December 6, 2001 - 4:58 am CT
Vital Engine ZL 2 Interview

When the Adrenaline Vault learned the programming team behind Codename Outbreak had left game publisher GSC to start a new Kiev, Ukraine-based development studio called Deep Shadows, it got in touch with the team to ask questions about Vital Engine ZL 2 -- a new generation of the engine used to create Codename Outbreak. The company's website is located at

What are your plans for your newly organized company?

Codename Outbreak was a very good experience for us. We are currently developing Vital Engine 2 and our new 3D action and adventure title. We plan to completely finish the engine in May 2002.

What can you tell us about Vital Engine 2 and its features?

The engine will be graphically competitive with Unreal 2. Our main goal is to create an engine capable of rendering massive and very detailed terrain. It will also support features that allow creating forests with lots of trees and textures of any dimension. Furthermore, the level of the physics will be comparable with Trespasser [read review]. Other features includes skeletal animation, facial animation, 5,000 polygons per soldier, a viewing distance of up to 1000 meters, and atmospheric effects such as multi-layered skies, water, volumetric fog, and more.

What can you tell us about your new game?

Not much at this time except that the story will take place in Colombia, where the main hero will rescue his sister. A press release for the game will be published in three months.

Have you started licensing the first Vital Engine?

Yes, Vital Engine is available for licensing. You can send general requests to With Vital Engine, we created a universal engine that can be used as the foundation for any 3D action, adventure, or role-playing game. It consists of a set of libraries including rendering, sound, AI, network, animation, and so on. Also, it is constantly being updated; every month, new features appear. If you purchase Vital Engine, you will receive all updates for free until you publish your title.

When will the engine's tools be released to the public?

We plan to release the engine tools this Friday.

With your focus on Vital Engine ZL 2 and the new game, will you still support Codename Outbreak?

Yes. We are currently finishing the localization of the Czech version of the game and replying to gamers' questions. The Vital Engine tools will allow users to create new CTF, Crystal, and Black Box multiplayer levels.

Reported by: David Laprad
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