Established to promote a lasting peace between Lebanon, Israel, and Syria.
Wednesday, November 07, 2001 
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The Government of Lebanon in Exile

The Government of Free Lebanon in Exile rejects any effort by the puppet, Syrian controlled Government in Lebanon to split the Lebanese Forces, the Kataeb Party, and weaken the Christian society by installing Lebanese traitors as the titular heads of the Christian community in Lebanon.

The Lebanese Forces and The Kataeb Party have sacrificed thousands of Lebanese martyrs for Lebanon's freedom and independence; it is a day of shame for Lebanon's patriots to lose hope and support the illegal Syrian occupation of Lebanon.

Therefore, The Government of Free Lebanon declares:

1- Our condemnation of the effort initiated by Ghazi Kanaan, the Syrian de facto ruler of Lebanon, who is employing his faithful puppies, Elias Hobeika, Karim Pakradouni and Fouad Malek, to continue their betrayal of their homeland for personal advantages.
2- All Lebanese, both within Lebanon and the diaspora, are instructed to withhold recognition of those traitors who are determined to further surrender Lebanon's autonomy to an occupying, foreign army in return for personal, political favors.
3- Syria must completely leave Lebanon, implement UN Resolution 520, and the Lebanese People must be allowed to elect a true representative and democratic Government and Parliament that represents the wishes of the Lebanese Nation and not be subservient to a treasonous minority installed by the force of Syrian tanks on the 13th of October 1990.
4- The Government of Free Lebanon considers the TAEF Accords null and void, as the Syrian occupation forces have misused the accords and rather than bringing peace to Lebanon, they knowingly split the national and religious fabrics of the Lebanese communities in order to divide and rule. This religious and national split was a military, political maneuver to consolidate their occupation by coercing a balance between the communities in the country, and simultaneously transforming Lebanon into a nest for harboring , protecting, and supporting all the terror organizations.
5- From exile, we warn all traitors of the consequences they are facing in betraying Lebanon. And at a time when regional dynamics are changing, we promise that Lebanon will regain its place among the free nations of the world. Today, we confirm our commitment to the more than twenty thousand Lebanese martyrs who sacrificed themselves to follow the path for which Lebanese President Bashir Gemayel died.

Nagi N. Najjar,

Spokesman for:

The Government of Lebanon in Exile

59 King George Street
Suite 27
Jerusalem, 91076 Israel

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