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Sometimes you just gotta take pictures of stuff. Even pointless stuff. Like the other sections, I'm only putting 20 pics per page out of pity for dial-up users.

Engine in a 737.Same engine, different camera settings.Cuban Knight Anole.  I took a picture of a reptile calendar.I think it's a microwave transmission tower.
Broken down truck in East Texas.  Do I offer to help?  No, I take pictures instead.A bunch of car lights at night.Picture of the mirror on my girlfriend's Honda Passport.Mmmm...Coca-Cola!
Sign in the lobby where I work.Dirty dishes.  I HATE doing dishes!Mini-disco ball in Kim's truck.It's a drain.  In a urinal.  Eww.
I hated this doll for personal reasons.  It's now in the garbage.  It made a nice picture though.Fingers with no hands!  AHHHH!My first attempt at a mount for the Gameboy to use in GB Cam Animation.  Scrapped upon the invention of Version 2.Imminent crash!  Nah, just the trick lenses...
Happy ball is your friend!  Love happy ball!A middle-aged couple on a motorcycle.  It hardly looks like we are all doing 70 MPH.View out the side window of my car.An upside-down IHOP menu.