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Eddie Haskell is nothing short of an operator. He's all talk and attitude—in other words, a real creep. Eddie's the kind of guy that everyone sees through, except Eddie. He's as oily in his politeness to adults as he is weaselly in his dealings with his peers. Eddie sticks like glue to popular Wally, although they couldn't be more different. Fortunately for the Cleavers, Wally is wise to Eddie's games, and as June once said, "if it weren't for Eddie, who would we blame Wally's faults on?"

Beaver has a lot of friends—after all, he's not a creep, he's no squealer and he doesn't go mushy over goony girls (except maybe his teacher, Miss Landers). And if his brother's friends see him as a runt, Beaver doesn't mind because Wally almost always comes to his defense.