by: Jim Davis


Within 30 minutes after two planes crashed into the World Trade Center, a third plane which departed from Dulles Intl. Airport bound for Los Angeles California  smashed into the Pentagon killing all 64 passengers and a unknown number of workers in the building. As a result Arlington County requested aid from the District of Columbia Fire/EMS Department.
At 9:38 a.m., the District dispatched a second-alarm assignment to the Pentagon along with several EMS units.  As units were en route to the Pentagon, D.C. Fire Chief Ronnie Few placed "Plan E" into effect. ( a call back of all DC Fire personnel ).
The chief also requested mutual aid from Prince George's and Montgomery counties to cover the areas of the city whose fire apparatus were heading to the Pentagon and other parts of the city.
Shortly after 10 a.m., the District's collapse rescue team also responded to the Pentagon to assist in recovering trapped victims.
Just after 1 p.m., the D.C. Fire Department's "Pentagon Command" requested a
third alarm. Prince George's and Montgomery Counties were dispatched on the
third-alarm assignment to assist D.C. at the scene.
As off-duty D.C. firefighters were recalled to their assigned stations, they were used in two phases, one group was taken by bus to the Pentagon to provide relief for firefighters who had been on the scene throughout the day, the second group of firefighters was used to provide staffing for reserve units that were being placed in-service.
Firefighters remained on the scene throughout the night to assist in the extinguishments of the blaze.
As a result of today's incident, Assistant Fire Chief of Operations is placing
Plan F in effect starting at 0700hrs today ( Wed. Sept 12 )
This plan is the recall of off duty firefighters who worked two days ago, they will work 12 hour shifts and  will be relived by firefighters who work yesterday.
As a result of the fire, only one D.C. firefighter was injured.  He was taken to the George Washington University Medical Center suffering from chest pains and heat exhaustion.