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Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA

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Road Trip 2001

Billy, Amy and Matt live at Summerfest - Milwaukee, WI 6/24/99

Richie and Matt at a live show

Dan and Dave live at The Mine Shaft - Hartford, WI 9/25/99

Road Trip is a six piece rock and roll band based in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

Road Trip was formed in 1990 and has since played throughout the Midwest, including Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, and Michigan. This experience has helped Road Trip amass a fan-based mailing list of over 6000 people. Their mailing list ensures a good crowd at each of the band's approximately 150 shows a year. Besides playing clubs, Road Trip has played many major festivals and opened for several national acts such as: Sheryl Crow, ZZ Top, REO Speedwagon, Ted Nugent, Molly Hatchet, Fleetwood Mac, Foreigner, Reel Big Fish and Caroline's Spine.

Road Trip has developed a huge regional following by mastering the two key elements of rock and roll: diversity and energy.

Road Trip's musical diversity is made evident by their extensive song list. Their cover songs encompass music from the birth of rock and roll in the fifties right up to the best music of today. This diversity can also be heard in the band's original material found on their new disc Cowboys and Maniacs, as well as their two previous releases Chameleon Gumbo and Live at the Route (the earlier releases are both sold out). The variety of material performed is greatly enhanced by having both a male and a female lead vocalist: Rich Plath and Amy Johnson.

Road Trip is also in a class by itself when it comes to the energy of each performance. Continuous touring has made these musicians more comfortable on stage than anywhere else, they have a great time when they're performing and that energy becomes infectious. Every member of Road Trip is a consummate professional and the integrity of the music is never compromised, when you watch Road Trip the fun and energy coming off stage are complimented by some of the Midwest's finest music being performed by some of the Midwest's finest musicians - there are no weak links in this band. In addition, the unexpected is always possible as the members all believe in letting their creative spontaneity show through. Their down-to-earth attitude is never phony, and the members love to mingle with the crowd during breaks meeting new people and making new fans and friends.

Road Trip: Playing music of the past with the energy of the present and writing songs for the future.

Band Members
Dan (DJ) Doty Dan (DJ) Doty - Guitar
Dan is one of only two founding members of Road Trip still with the band. He plays guitar, sings back-up and would like everyone to know that "reverb is for girls!". When he's not playing music, he's thinking about playing music. So we also made him the leader of the band. His relentless pursuit of perfection keeps the band focused and constantly working on things we can do better. He is also one of the main songwriters, co-writing with Amy and Rich seven of the songs from the Cowboys And Maniacs CD, as well as many other Road Trip originals from previous CD's and live performances. He played on all the Road Trip CD's: Chameleon Gumbo, Live at the Route and Cowboys and Maniacs.
Matthew Emmer Matthew Emmer - Guitar
Although Matt is the youngest member of Road Trip he has been playing professionally for over 10 years, beginning his career with Rapunzel when he was only 13 years old. He currently attends UW-Oshkosh where he is majoring in recording. His experience playing out at such a young age gives him a musical wisdom beyond his years that becomes evident as soon as he picks up a guitar. The Cowboys and Maniacs CD is the first recording he's ever done.
Billy Friday Billy Friday - Drums
Billy Friday has performed for years in several of the top acts in Wisconsin. He toured the United States as a member of Bad Boy, with whom he recorded several albums in the eighties. His hard-hitting groove-oriented style of drumming forms the backbone for everything else that happens in the band. He played drums and wrote the song "Find A Way" on the new Road Trip CD Cowboys and Maniacs. Billy also has an endorsement deal with Trick Percussion (
David Geschke David Geschke - Bass
Dave has played throughout the Midwest, Hawaii and Florida with a number of bands. He has recorded with several bands, most notably the Twistin' Egyptians. Among other projects, they had the opportunity to do an album at Electric Lady Studios in New York which unfortunately was never released. Musically, Dave has studied classical string bass at UW-Oshkosh and jazz theory with John Harmon of Lawrence University. When he's not playing with the band he's busy working on the band's web site as well as his personal Dave On Bass site ( Dave has also worked as a columnist and writer for Bass Frontiers Magazine as well. He plays bass on the new Cowboys and Maniacs CD.
Amy Jo Johnson Amy Jo Johnson - Vocals
Amy joined Road Trip in 1993 with no prior band experience and rapidly became a crowd favorite. Her energy and stage presence are a huge part of every Road Trip show now, and she has become one of the main songwriters as well co-writing with Dan The Chocolate Song, Blind, It's Alright, Unglued, Genesis 6 and Crazy Feeling from the Cowboys And Maniacs CD. She loves to sing, perform and meet new people and it shows. Amy is on all the Road Trip CD's: Chameleon Gumbo, Live at the Route and Cowboys and Maniacs.
Richie Plath Richie Plath - Vocals
Rich is one of only two founding members of Road Trip still with the band. His voice and his stage presence (you never know what to expect next!) are an integral part of the live Road Trip shows. Rich has written or co-written some of Road Trip's most popular original material as well, including 4 songs from the new CD. His in-your-face style and attitude work well with Amy and their friendship comes across in the live shows. He is on all the Road Trip CD's: Chameleon Gumbo, Live at the Route and Cowboys and Maniacs.

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