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Welcome! I am a senior engineer for network security operations at a Fortune 500 firm. From 1998 through 2001 I defended global American information assets as a captain in the Air Force Computer Emergency Response Team (AFCERT). Now I provide network security monitoring to protect my employer and our clients. Read my resume online or in .rtf format if you like.

My professional interests include intrusion detection, incident response, digital forensics, system administration, and multibooting of operating systems on the Intel architecture. I try to learn more about FreeBSD, Red Hat Linux, Solaris, or Microsoft Windows 2000/XP every day. Security bulletins for FreeBSD, Red Hat Linux 7.2, Solaris, and Microsoft products are available.

I provide a free service to those wanting to learn more about digital security. As an uncompensated reviewer, I read and evaluate books for Amazon.com; visit this page to read my latest reviews. I also recommend specific titles, found here. My Books page provides more information on my methodology and motivation.

If you prefer reading magazines, check out this list of recommended information security periodicals.

I wrote an article titled "Simplicity and Awareness: Keys to Network Security" (.pdf) for the World Markets Research Centre's Global InfoSecurity 2002 report. The article is a bit formal, and features a small amount of creative editing by the WMRC staff. I certainly didn't intend for "UNIX" to be defined as a "Uniplexed Information and Computer System!"

My 24 and 25 Oct 01 presentations to InfraGard Houston are here. Download Entering the Security Arena and Intrusion Detection: A Veteran's Look. Both are .ppt files.

My first major technical paper was Interpreting Network Traffic: An Intrusion Detector's Look at Suspicious Events, available here in .html format for browsing and .pdf format for printing. I originally planned a third version of that paper, but instead wrote the more user-friendly Network Intrusion Detection of Third Party Effects, available here in .pdf format. PacketStorm says the first paper was downloaded over 4700 times. The second was listed at over 600 downloads until the content editors updated the text and zeroed the counter! I'm not sure how many times these papers were retrieved from SecurityFocus, the other major site to publish them.

My 19 Oct 00 presentation to the SANS Network Security 2000 Technical Conference can be found here. It is more complete than my earlier presentations at FIRST and elsewhere.

I wrote this page to describe my home network.

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