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Password Power

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Notice that we seem to have too many passwords? Every time we log onto a web site, upload to a website, get an Internet account, E-mail account, or even want to protect a document in a piece of software, you need a new password. It also seems like we forget them. A lot.

This award winning software fixes that problem. Password Power is a place for you to keep all those passwords that you collect and get at them easily. It displays a list ofLink 5stars your accounts and with the click of a mouse, you see the password info for that account. And yes, the software can be password protected!

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Quick and easy to use. 3  minutes for the basics, 10 minutes to master.
The program displays a list of your password descriptions. Just click on the password you need info for and it will be displayed. No hassling with file names, just fast access to your passwords. screen shot
An innovative mini password screen that "stays on top". After all, you need to do something with these passwords and you don't want to flip from screen to screen like most other password programs force you to do. Our Mini Screen will stay on top of the document your putting your passwords into!
Use multiple Password Lists. You can create an unlimited number of password lists. Handy for multiple users. Each one can be password protected and is encrypted.
Quickly find your passwords. Has a built in quick find box that finds passwords as you type. screen shot
Run from the system tray for real convenience.
Auto Hide will mask your password after a specified time if you like. You can even have the program ask for a password to unmask masked passwords!
Easily modify  your passwords with a double click!
Backup utility - Keep your password file back up and safe.
Mark passwords to help with sorting.
Web Support. If you have a website listed, a click of a toolbar button will launch your default browser and take you there. (you'll need a standard dial up Internet account)
Password protected security. You can easily set a password so you're the only one allowed into Password Power. You can also set up passwords for individual password lists and more.
Encrypted data. All password information is encrypted before being put into the database.
Two custom fields. Put whatever info you into these fields.
Notes field. You can put in notes about your password account if you wish.
Quick Hide. You can hide all of your password info with the click of a button. Kinda like a panic button.

Sound good? Are you ready to really keep track of all your passwords? Download the shareware version for free. If you decide to keep it, it's only $8.95!

Download Info

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System Requirements:lock.gif (2707 bytes)

PC running Win 95 / 98

Download Info:
File name: pwsetup.exe
File size: 3.8 meg
Version: 2.1
System Req. : 486/66 with 8 meg ram
Recommended System : Pentium class processor with 16 meg ram

This is a free upgrade to registered users of Password Power.

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