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GHDpro started reposted episode #1 today. He may repost all of 1-8. This great since many people keep telling me they missed some early episodes. I hope everyone can catch up this time.

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Moo!AlienCowThatMoos has gotten the second set of covers ready. Enjoy!

Episode #8 started going up this morning. GHDPro's fills site isn't up anymore so it looks like fills will have to be dealt with over at the newsgroup. Sorry to anyone who doesn't actually get the newsgroup. Oy! So it's been a while. Let me explain. I was all ready to go and then my comp decided to delete my script right before I was gonna encode it. So it took a week to redo all that work. So episode #8 is good to go. I'll start posting it tommorow.

In other news... AlienCowThatMoos has made some kick ass covers for CD cases. Here are the covers for volume 1:

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Moo!Sweet stuff. He's also working on making an animated menu and instructions on how to custumize your VCD so that it will work with that on a DVD player. I'll have that posted as it's ready.

Old News

Tell me what you think. I appreciate any feedback you may have. Send it to

These files are being posted at the alt.binaries.multimedia.sailor-moon newsgroup. If and when alternative modes of distribution are available I will mention them here.

Episodes I've done to date:
Episode #1 - "Cry Baby Usagi's Amazing Transformation" - Posted July 7th-12th.
Episode #2 - "I Will Punish You! The Psychic House is a Yoma's Lair." - Posted July 13th-15th.
Episode #3 - "Mysterious Sleeping Sickness. Protect the Maiden's Pure Love." - Posted July 19th-21st.
Episode #4 - "Usagi's Lesson! How to Get Slim." - Currently being posted
Episode #5 - "The Perfume of Yomas! Shanela Steals Love" - Posted June 29th - Reposted July 22nd-24th.
Episode #6 - "Protect the Melody of Love! Usagi is Cupid." - Posted July 25th-27th.
Episode #7 - "Usagi Reflects! The Road to Stardom is Difficult." - Posted August 9th-11th.

Here are some samples of the quality of the movies I'm making. These screenshots are from the output file, naturally.

On the left a clip of when it's low motion. The picture's clearer when nothing's moving and most of the episode will look about this good. On the right is a clip of when it's in fast motion. That's pretty much the worst case scenario and there's not much that'll move that quickly.

Of course if these files were in 3500kbps XVCD format then even with high motion it looks like this. But since that only fits 1 episode per CD I'll only be keeping XVCDs for myself in my "collection".

Need fills? Try Tuxedo Jim's site:
Tuxedo Jim's Sailor Moon VCD Site

Need help getting set up with newsgroups? Try downloading Forté Agent 1.8. There's a 30 day trial version. Try to find the crack before that's up. Basically you use that to download rar files (a kind of zip file) and you'll need winrar to extract the files from those.

So you want to burn these VCDs to a CD and play them on your DVD player? Well I hope you have a good enough DVD player since they won't all work. You can fit 74 minutes worth of VCD on a single 650mb CD. Even though the files are much more than 650mb total you can still fit 3 of these movies on a VCD if you burn it right. That's the way VCDs work. They're like audio CDs. Everything you need to know about VCDs can be found at I'll just point you to some of the more important links.
How to make a VCD with Nero 5.0+ shows you how to make a compliant VCD that will play on your DVD player (assuming your player is VCD compatible. To see if it is check this list)
If you want to burn a VCD that'll play on your Dreamcast go here.
Once you've got a VCD made you can still watch it on your computer if you don't have access to a VCD player. Just use windows media player to open the .dat file located in the MPEGAV folder of your disc.

Some links:

Tape Fansubs - I guess people still use this analog media format. You should be able to get the best Sailor Moon fansubs just from these two guys. Anyone else will likely get you sub par second rate tapes.
VKLL Fansubs - for VHS subs of the Sailor Stars series.
Studio Chikashitsu - for VHS subs of the first season. You can also get VKLL tapes and other Sailor Moon stuff off this site.

MarioKnight's Bishoujo Online - For downloading episodes. He's got a bunch of links to ftps and a system of CD distros so you can get episodes in digital format. Plans are that my files will be distrubuted through this page as well. Stay posted for more info.

If you have an ftp site or CD distro and would like to help spread these files around I'd much appreciate it. Just send me an e-mail and I'll put a link up somewhere in here.

How's my spelling? I want feedback on my subtitles. Basically I'm the only one that does any proofing of them. So if you see any real bad spelling, downright innacurate translations, typos or any sort of little problem with the subtitles drop me and e-mail and be as specific as possible.

If you're really bored then why check out some really old no longer updated Sailor Moon related webpages that haunt me from my past. It's really the cream of the crop of bad internet.

My Sailor Moon Image Gallery - some fan art I drew

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If you made it all the way down here then I'm really sorry.