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02.01.02 "Winona Ryder Charged in Shoplifting Case" LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Actress Winona Ryder was charged on Friday with four felony offenses stemming from her arrest for allegedly shoplifting up to $5,000 in merchandise from a Beverly Hills store two weeks before Christmas...[more]

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February 02 - 16:20 Eastern - Updated by Pedestrian X
Hello there sports fans, Pedestrian X here writing a guest post on R U Home for the first time since that fateful New Years about a month ago. As I was driving over here to TheRich's place I encountered to car accidents during the approximately 10 minute drive. This has prompted to write this post basically saying, "What is wrong with people????" The weather has finally cleared up, the roads are clear and dry, and what happens? People begin to act like idiots. I guess I don't have much else to say, other than it really pisses me off. Thank you and sayonara.

February 01 - 23:30 Eastern - Updated by TheRich
Why don't you go outside and play a game of "Hide and Go Fuck Yourself!"
I don't really mean anything by that. I just found it funny.

I believe I'm developing what is more commonly referred to as, the "Gamers Thumb." All the action is causing me to grow calises on my right thumb. Thank you SSX Tricky. Thank you. I really need to review that game. I promise you I'll do it. Honest.

I gotsta tell you, I've been relatively bored this evening. I think the evening would have totally sucked if it weren't for my XBox. At any rate, to help pass the time I dragged out the first CD I ever burned. On this CD, many old .wav files can be found, that circulated through the wonder that is the internet when it was at the beginning of it's explosion. In effort to share the humor that these files provided for me, I will now share them with you.

Click here to listen to FUNNY #1
Click here to listen to FUNNY #2
Click here to listen to FUNNY #3
Click here to listen to FUNNY #4
Click here to listen to FUNNY #5

I hope these files bring you as much joy as they brought me. It's actually quite entertaining going through all your old downloaded crap--and I have a lot of crap. There used to be a time when I wouldn't delete ANYTHING. At the same time though, it's also reminded me of a few of my former obsessions and holy quests. Damn I was a weird guy. Still am. Meh.

January 31 - 22:50 Eastern - Updated by TheRich
The last day of the first month of the year 2002 is almost complete. It's not often I say such things, but this has been one really long month. That's the craptacular thing about the winter months--how long they just seem to drag on. It's not a wonder that half the people I know are feeling down, depressed, lonely or all of the above--myself included. What blows my mind are those who are happy during winter. Yeah, there's the winter sports, but other than that how can one keep happy about it? It's cold, it's dreary, and there's no escaping it unless you travel to another country..or maybe Vancouver. But Vancouver is whole different type of dreary. Ugh. You just can't win.
So in case you didn't see my cam pic from earlier, today was a snow day for TheRich. The roads were covered from my home, to my place of employment which is more than 80km away. It would have taken me at least three hours to get there, with the high risk of getting into an accident. No sir, it's not worth it. And from what I'm gathering, tomorrow will probably end up as a snow day as well. Freezing rain, followed by a shitload of snow--again. Fuck beans. We've had it for less than 24 hours, and I'm already sick of it. Fuck you old man winter, and that sled you rode in on.
I must admit that other than my SSX Tricky breaks, I was pretty bored today. That's why I'm not sure if I can handle another snow day tomorrow or not. I might get a little cabin fever and go wonkers. Or maybe I'll just go further into the depths of braindeadedness. That's always fun. Or maybe, just maybe, I'll write up another Media Junkees strip. I doubt it. I had an idea last night, but I decided that the idea was stupid and worth the effort. Damn second thoughts. Gah. I think I gotta go shut me head down for a while. It's feelin' pretty empty.

January 31 - 01:55 Eastern - Updated by TheRich
You came here looking for a post? Well fine!
Actually, come to think of it I really don't have a post for you. I'm struggling here to come up with things to say--which is a very bad thing.
I have to say, I enjoyed makin' up that webstrip last night. It reminded me why I wanted to start up a webstrip in the first place. If you haven't read it yet, check it out by CLICKING HERE. Yeah, the art was bad, but no one ever said I was good. All the more reason to go check it out. Maybe if I get the initiative to do so, I'll make more. Don't hold your breath. Alright..I'm drawing at straws. Goodnight.

January 30 - 01:20 Eastern - Updated by TheRich
Man, I've been playing SSX Tricky a lot today. Damn I like that game. I'm glad I decided to pick it up after all. ^_^ I'll probably write a review for it within the next couple of days. Pedestrian X came over tonight, and literally, that's all we really did was play this game. He got her shortly after 7:30 and he left four hours later. No Tim's, no stimulating conversation. We just played SSX-T and made comments about it all night. There's not many games that can hold my attention that long. Good job EA. It actually kind of made me feel like Gabe and Tycho over at PENNY ARCADE--Spending your free time with one of your closest buds playin' video games all day. Now all I need is a webstrip, and then we would be like PA...

An Hour Later...

Okay, now I we are like Gabe and Tycho. Ladies and Gentleman, may I present to you the first ever MEDIA JUNKEES web strip! The art is bad, and the jokes are even worse. Don't expect this to be a regular thing...I just got creative. Enjoy.

January 29 - 02:15 Eastern - Updated by TheRich
I should be in bed. Whoops. ^_^
Sorry for the lack of update in the news section. Nothing really interesting has caught my eye in the past couple of days. Don't worry, there'll be something again soon, I swear!
In my continuing (yet almost futile) attempt to find the songs that have been used by UNDERGRADS, I've finally come accross my first one. It's from the ending of Episode 6 - "Room Mates." The song is called "White, Picket Fences" by a band called Sunday's Best. Go listen to it HERE. One down, twelve more to go. Speaking of Undergrads, I thought I'd mention that they finally replied to the email that I wrote last OCTOBER 23. Damn that's a long time to write a fucking email. And in case you're interested, Undergrads as of this time hasn't begun working on a second season. Could this spell the end for our heros?

I couldn't help but feel a bit age-ed tonight, as a friend of mine brought a couple of her friends over. One of which (from what I've gathered) is still something like 18 and still in highschool. Meanwhile, here I am, six years older than that. And you know what..there was a definate age barrier there. What is it about being around with "young" people that makes you feel old? Oh, right, it's because you are old. Ugh. Well, to spite that old feeling, I'm going to play some SSX Tricky, and then go to bed. I do have to work tomorrow after all.

January 27 - 17:55 Eastern - Updated by TheRich

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January 27 - 13:40 Eastern - Updated by TheRich
Well, a new pole is up. There was a fairly good opinion about the new layout. But there were three of you who said you could "pull a better website out of (your) ass." And well, I already placed your votes for the new survery---"(You) suck monkey pole." No thanks necessary. I just thought I would save you the trouble. ^^;;

I've been going over to VIOLENT KISSES lately, and thus far I've enjoyed it. It's always good to see that geekdom isn't strictly a male oriented fascination. Now the trick would be for me to actually get introduced to more of these kinds of girls. Talk about a man living his dream!!! Yeah.
I've been noticing lately that for the most port, the words that get posted on here have been pretty much useless drivel. For that I appologise. But on the other hand, that's a signifier that things are generally going smoothly for TheRich--and that's good. It's a mix of that, and that I really don't want to sound too whiney. There's nothing worse than someone who's whining all the time. am I right? Yes I am.
I could talk more about GUITAR VADER, but I think I've talked about them enough.
Sometimes I really hate the concept of being responsible with money. I was looking at a flyer today, and within it's pages was a 53" Panasonic HDTV for $3000--or (this is the part that enthralled me) $95 a month. As some of you already know, I've been complaining somewhat about the size of my TV. It's a Sanyo 21" screen. And while that was all good for things like regular TV, PS1's and VHS, this no longer cuts it for my entertainment needs. With advents like my XBox and DVD's which are displayed in widescreen, 21" is like a guy with a 3" p3n0r. It's pathetic and embarassing. So here is this large HDTV for $95 a month. Staring at me? What's stopping me from picking one up? It's only $100 a month. Well, for starters I'm trying to knock down my debt, not increase it. Running neck and neck with that, we have my desire to travel over to Japan sometime within in the next couple of years, with my current urges to go and by another 91' Prelude SR. Damn I miss my old one. So as you can see, suddenly that $100 is a little more significant. And thus, why responsibility gets in the way. Send donations! Please!

January 26 - 19:05 Eastern - Updated by TheRich
If you're wondering where a few days of ramblings went, I've thrown them into the Ver.6 Archives section. In an attempt to a) save bandwidth and b) save loading times I've decided to archive things more frequently. I hope this doesn't put anyone out. If anything, this should a good thing.
You might remember me mumbling something a couple days about some music from Jet Set Radio Future. I did a futher search on one of the artists over at MP3.com, known to the world as GUITAR VADER! And as it turns out, they provided a couple of songs for the original Jet Set Radio as well. So if you're a fan of the original, and you liked the music from it you should go download some free MP3s. This I thought was an interesting description of them:

Take the Smashing Pumpkins, Talking Heads and early B-52s, mash them together and make the result Japanese and you may end up with something approaching the genius of Guitar Vader. Formed by Miki (vocals and guitar) and Ujuan (vocals and bass), Guitar Vader is the best thing to come out of Japan in recent years....

That is a pretty acurate description of them--strange, I know. You'll have something like 36 songs to choose from, so take your pick. Might I suggest, "I love love you," "Magical Girl," and "Super Brothers."
After listening to these Jet Set tunes, it makes me crave JSRF that much more. Damn self torture.

January 26 - 00:50 Eastern - Updated by TheRich
Enforcer sent me a link to another net-quiz today, and is available at ALLLOOKSAME.com. It's a test to determine your ability to differenciate between Japanese, Chinese, and Korean ethnicities. You're presented with 18 mug shots to test your skills. Now, I have a softspot for asian women, so I figured as a conoseur(sp) I wouldn't have a problem with this one. Boy was I wrong. Out of the 18, I got four right. PedX got five right, and Enforcer managed to get eight right. The average score on this test was seven correct. I felt defeated and ashamed at my poor score. I need a dozen Asian women to come and show me the all the differences I need to know. :)

I wrote my first ANIME review tonight. Click on the link from the menu to read it.

It's weekend time boys and girls. Do you know what that means? It means absolutely nothing. But in any case, enjoy it for it is only two days long.

January 25 - 01:40 Eastern - Updated by TheRich
Sorry 'yo. I got nothin' except yet another net-quiz. *gasp* ^^;;

You seem to be a little depressed at times, and tend to be sarcastic, but all you really want is some love. You also seem to have trouble in believing in yourself despite how good everyone tells you you are, I mean come on, you're the artist of Megatokyo

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