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Dithering is placing different colored pixels next to each other in such
a way that it gives the illusion of a color that really isn't there.

Since the above definition may not cut it for you, let's try this. You
know the paintings that are made up of little tiny dots (pointillism, I
think is the correct term)? Well, that's what your computer and printer
do when they need to create a color that they don't have. They stick a
couple of little dots next to each other that, when viewed from a
distance, look like a different color.

For the most part, this isn't a big issue with the high color depth most
of us have our monitors set at, but when you look at a printer that only
has red, green, and blue to work with, you can see why the need is there
to dither. The better the dithering, the more smooth a printed
photograph's tones look. The smoother the tones, the more it looks like
a "real" photograph.

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