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Computer Guides

Welcome to WorldStart's Computer Guide index. We've put together a informational series of computing guides based on what we get the most questions on. Enjoy!


Windows Shortcuts -Check out all these cool time savers.

E-mail Guide - Learn lots of cool e-mail tricks.

Downloading Guide - Don't know how to download? Here's help.

Viruses- Learn how to help keep yourself from getting infected.

Digital Cameras - looking for a digital camera? Here's what to look for.

Emoticons - Here's a list of emoticons. You know, stuff like :-)

Internet Error Messages - Ever wonder why you got that 404 error message?

Software Install Guide - Can't get a piece of software to run? Here's a helping hand.

File Size Guide - Don't know your megabytes from your kilobytes? You will.

Image File Guide - Descriptions of common formats (GPEG, GIF, TIFF).

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