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read_me festival 1.2
онлайн: октябрь 2001 - январь 2002
оффлайн: апрель 2002, Москва.

программное обеспечение как произведение искусства (или художественные игры с софтом)

  • 1-я премия - 500 долларов
  • 2-я премия - 400 долларов
  • 3-я премия - 300 долларов
  1. Инструкции (read_me) по перенастройке стандартного (общедоступного) софта, а также "заплатки" и любого рода "воздействия" на программное обеспечение, результаты которых незапланированы производителями и применение которых приводит к появлению художественного продукта.
  2. Деконструкция существующих программных продуктов, в том числе, компьютерных игр.
  3. Собственно программа, написанная с нуля с целью, отличной от обычных рациональных целей программного обеспечения, - то есть отказ от идеи программы как чисто прагматического инструмента (tool).  подробнее...

Внимание! Поступающие на Фестиваль работы публикуются на сайте автоматически и не сразу проверяются на безопасность! Будьте осторожны с работами, еще не прошедшими контроль.




- With the Juligraph, you can assemble your own graphics from the pictures I have drawn
of personal things: me, my friends, animals, my surroundings and the objects around me. You can
print the compiled, signed, titled picture. The Juligraph has a personal aspect not only because
it is about me and my way of life, but because I could choose the details important to me, and anything can become of it.
programming: Adriбn Kupcsik

- Flash player, printer

Автор: Jъlia Vйcsei |  http://www.c3.hu/~rub/juligraph/juligraph.html
Работа поступила 2/2/2002 и уже получила 0 баллов


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Re (ad.htm

::the DNA of programmer fare is code:

::the software schemata of mobile/relay chat is
manufactured via abbreviation, punctuation, + character realignment:

nuances of web communication are framed, linked & nestled in
net][soft][w][are][ork strata.

Автор: mez breeze |  http://www.hotkey.net.au/~netwurker/
Работа поступила 1/2/2002 и уже получила 0 баллов


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minitasking- time based module

a visual gnutella client

attached in zip archive is more info

Автор: schoenerwissen |  http://www.minitasking.com
Работа поступила 31/1/2002 и уже получила 0 баллов


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hiperlook demo is in beta version (some bugs may be at present time), it is a web browser that reveals web sites inner structure, code, and elements composing the sites by deconstructing them. It's a different experience and approach to the web, an infinite glass, covering layers of code and basic elements, the net material.
A Final downloadable standalone version will be available soon.

hiperlook needs a Windows PC with speed abobe 600Mhz or Macintosh G3 and G4 with IE5.0 with Java enabled. To be able to browse the web from the applet you need to temporary unrestrict the network access for the java applets in your browser internet options.

Автор: Hernando Barragan |  http://hipercubo.uniandes.edu.co/hiperlook
Работа поступила 31/1/2002 и уже получила 0 баллов


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Surface Tension: Applied Memory Mutation Software

"Surface Tension:Applied Memory Mutation Software" is a free utility in the service of memory-shifting. It can be used with any Quicktime digital videos. It is designed to be used with "raw footage" (unedited archival documents, movie out-takes, surveillance tapes, porn, home movies, etc.). The concept behind the software has its primary lineage in 1970s film experimentation and 1990s tactical video practices.The software title derives from one of the works of the late Hollis Frampton - a film titled "Surface Tension". The algorithms used in the present software, translate and test some cinematic structures used in several of his films from the 1970s. An additional algorithm, "Strain Andromeda The" is based on a 1992 video of the same name by the video artist, Anne McGuire.

Автор: Barbara Lattanzi |  http://www.wildernesspuppets.net
Работа поступила 31/1/2002 и уже получила 0 баллов


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Music for Hard Disks

'Music for Hard Disks' is primarily a simple instruction how to set up a PC with hard disk and sound card to produce a unique lenghty sequence of noises by using raw data on hard disk fed into sound card device. This is achieved with a simple sequence of commands in one line through *nix terminal/console. The end effect is rich audial and visual work produced by and sourced from home pc only. No additional software or hardware is required. Neither your input in any form.

Автор: Luka Princic |  http://letusplay.net/m4hd/
Работа поступила 31/1/2002 и уже получила 0 баллов


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