Nathaniel Merriweather - Lovage

Nathaniel Merriweather observes lovemaking with a professional eye and a firm grip.

Music To Make Love To Your Old Lady By produced by Dan "The Automator" Nakamura the creative force behind barrier breaking, think-outside-the-box projects such as Gorillaz, Deltron 3030, Octagon, and Handsome Boy Modeling School fame, is a collector's piece. There is serious creativity at work here with serious music as the result. Don't let the tongue-in-cheek presentation fool you, nor the humorous interlude (Herbs, Good Hygiene & Socks featuring Afrika Bambaataa). Music To Make Love To Your Old Lady By is a "5 stars out of 5 stars" release.

While not for the Top 40 Pop 'till you drop crowd, this album will more than appeal to those with eclectic tastes and hyperactive sex drives. Trip-hop sensuality and "let me take you to another place" beats all come together in a very tasty offering.
Music To Make Love To Your Old Lady By Deluxe Suite - special hourly rates apply, weekends excluded.

I had to laugh at myself when I started recall instances where I would've had this CD set on repeat as I chilled wine and lit candles in preparation for the evening to come. Breathy vocals, sultry moans and groans; tasty samples and a delicious sense of pushing it to the edge without ever sounding contrived make this the absolutely unique offering that it is. Look beyond the knowing humor and camp presentation. As Jennifer Charles dreamily and lustfully intones on the second track, Pit Stop (Take Me Home), "…Take me home, what a wonderful way (to go)."

LOVAGE (Levisticum officinale)
Lovage was used by the ancient Greeks, who chewed the seed to aid digestion and relieve flatulence. Also in Europe a decoction of lovage was said to be a good aphrodisiac that no witch worthy of the name could be without.

Lovage is best experienced through submission. Let yourself taste the pleasures without questioning the feast. If your inherent sensuality and musical tastes are even remotely conjoined you must pick up this album, you will not regret it.

Lovage - The Album

All the songs here were written by the trio of Dan The Automator, Mike Patton (Faith No More, Mr. Bungle) & Jennifer Charles (Elysian Fields). The sole exception is a cover version of Sex (I'm A) written by John Crawford, David Diamond and Terri Nunn of Berlin (Geffen). Each offering is far closer to performance art than straight presentation.

Nakamura wields samples, beats and scratches as if he were conducting the London Symphony Orchestra. Take for example the track Anger Management, which blends romantic strings and piano with Tom Jones styled vocals "…in all my dreams, I never thought I'd see a face that could launch a thousand ships… why must God punish me," and an Endless Summer/Summer of '42 refrain. Trust me, it works, "And can't you see, we could have had it all."

Everyone Has A Summer (they want to remember) features Kid Koala on the decks scratching masterfully to enhance, not over power. Sampled sound bytes from a Hollywood gone by, hip-hop breaks and subtle harmonica accompaniment set a mood that is both whimsical and entrancing.

In former times, lovage cordial was a popular drink with country people, who took it for sore throats. It is noted that John Gerarde, who wrote his Herbal in1597, considered lovage to be one of the wonder drugs at that time.

Book Of The Month: anyone who has ever been lucky enough to see the cult-classic movie Manhunter, the first in the Hannibal Lecter/Silence of the Lambs trilogy will remember the haunting scene where the troubled loner, antagonist Francis Dollarhyde (Tom Noonan) lies in bed with Reba McClane (Joan Allen). Reba is asleep with her arm embracing Dollarhyde after their night of intimacy, the scene is one of the best from the movie first because of its emotional impact (Dollarhyde has never known intimacy, hence his psychopathic search for love) and secondly because of the superb soundtrack.

Dollarhyde lies awake and taking Reba's hand, covers his mouth with it as tears well up in his eyes. He begins to sob: someone has finally shown him love. As the scene unfolds the musical score adds to the melodrama so effectively that even though Dollarhyde is a serial killer, there is so much sympathy evoked that it would be almost tempting to forgive him of his crimes. He just wants to be loved. Book of the Month nails it with the same chilling effect.

Lovage can be grown in a container. Make sure you keep it trimmed. Lovage, brandy and sugar settle an upset stomach…
Jennifer Charles of Elysian Fields, Queen of the Meadow

Strangers On A Train: What can you say about a song that evokes a visual journey of a trans-European train trip set in a black & white movie? Jennifer Charles is at her best as the sultry traveler who introduces herself with "Pardon me sir, is this seat taken?" And then follows with "You are very charming sir… The stiff one is my specialty."

Add to this a very competent cover of Berlin's Sex (I'm A), the soothing strings of Koala's Lament and the darkly erotic, gothic Archie & Veronica, "Flowers from the grave (I never loved you)… little buttercups and wild daisies by the lily pond remember baby…" "Sitting on a cold slab, feeling my warm stab, you know I'll be missing you. That's why I'm kissing you." "Flowers from the grave… I never loved you." Jennifer Charles and Mike Patton dressed in black.

Herb, Good Hygiene and Socks offers priceless advice from the godfather of hip-hop, Afrika Bambaataa, "Ummmm, that's a hard one to say. Wash your ass everyday; wash your whole body everyday. Brush your breath at least two or three times a day, with your teeth." Wisdom and sock etiquette ensue.

Nathaniel Merriweather aka Dan "The Automator" Nakamura's Lovage provides more than just Music To Make Love To Your Old Lady By, it allows the listener a taste of what is possible when creativity is allowed to roam… even if it's randy as caged rabbit.

Review by jack "papa" baer - December 12th, 2001

Music of Love

Lovage CD Produced by Dan The Automator Nakamura aka Nathaniel Merriweather
  1. Ladies Love Chest Rockwell
  2. Pit Stop (Take Me Home)
  3. Anger Management [real audio]
  4. Everyone Has A Summer [real audio]
  5. To Catch A Thief
  6. Lies And Alibis
  7. Herbs, Good Hygiene & Socks
  8. Book Of The Month [real audio]
  9. Lifeboat
  10. Strangers On A Train [real audio]
  11. Lovage (Love That Lovage, Baby)
  12. Sex (I'm A)
  13. Koala's Lament
  14. Tea Time With Maseo
  15. Stroker Ace
  16. Archie & Veronica [real audio]
The members of Lovage consist of : Vocals-Mike Patton (Faith No More, Fantomas), Jennifer Charles (Elysian Fields), Turntables-Kid Koala, and is presented by Nathaniel Merriweather ( Handsome Boy Modeling School). Special guest sexologists include: Chest Rockwell, Afrika Bambaataa, Maseo(de la soul) and Damon Albarn

75ARK is the label behind the Lovage release and Dan The Automator. Anti-Pop Consortium, Dr. Octagon, Deltron 3030, Executive Lounge and The Nextmen are other artists signed to this progressive label. What is impressive about 75ARK is that the label seems to reach for the creative, close to the edge, hip-hop artists rather than the mainstream. With high levels of originality a shared trait among 75ARK's artists I expect the label to quickly gain notoriety.

Lovage, a most useful medicinal botanical.
The eroticism and sexuality present in the Lovage album is more implied than explicit. Yeah, I know there is a "stiff one" here and a "suck me" there, but by and large the album relies on innuendo rather than graphic detail. A fine point that is not missed.

Sex In Music

Had enough of sex and music? No? Well neither have we, though we will be the first to admit that there is Sex in Music and then there is Sex AND Music. If you know the difference consider yourself a sensual gourmet! Let's hear what you think…

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Nathaniel Merriweather's Music To Make Love To Your Old Lady By is such a powerful aphrodisiac that it has been banned in Utah, Hawaii and Dade County, Florida.
Nathaniel Merriweather is a self-proclaimed expert Sexologist and author of many romantic ballads.
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