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Relationship: John's Mother
Born: 12 March 1914.
Died: 1958

One of five daughters, Julia was nicknamed Judy by her family. Just 5' 2" with auburn hair, her lively personality and rebellious behaviour meant she was considered the black sheep of the family … but she was also Pop's favourite! She was musical with a good voice and a talent for playing the banjo, the piano accordion and the piano, both of which her grandfather William Stanley had taught her to play.

She was 14 when she met Alf Lennon and 10 years later, on 3 December 1938, they were married at Mount Pleasant Registry Office, Liverpool. Neither had told their families and after a wedding dinner bought by Alf's brother, Sydney, followed by an evening at the cinema they both went home to break the news.

Alf was at sea when Julia, after a 30-hour labour, gave birth to their son John Winston Lennon on 9 October 1940. Alf effectively abandoned mother and child when he jumped ship and went AWOL. Neither Julia nor the Navy knew of Alf's whereabouts and while they looked for him the Navy stopped her allowance.

Julia moved closer to her sister Mimi and in an effort to establish a social life started frequenting cafes and pubs. At this point Julia began a relationship with a soldier, Taffy Williams, who was stationed at a nearby barracks. She was six weeks pregnant by Taffy when Alf returned from sea. Alf was keen to get back together but Julia was having none of it. Pop Stanley and Mimi insisted that the child be adopted. Julia didn't have much choice. She had no home and no income plus she was stigmatized by her circumstances. Helpless, she eventually agreed to this and so a Norwegian Captain and his family adopted the baby. She was named Victoria Elizabeth. Julia was devastated by the loss of her baby, as her daughters discovered years later.

Before long Julia met and fell in love with John 'Bobby' Dykins. She and Bobby began living together in Bobby's flat. Mimi considered a one bedroom flat unsuitable accommodation for little John. She bought Social Services to see it and it was arranged, against Julia's wishes, for John to be cared for by her and George.

Julia and John Dykins had two daughters Julia and Jackie. When John was in his early teens he started visiting Julia's house and would always stay overnight or for the weekend. Julia taught John to play the banjo. She showed great interest in John's musical talents and his band.

Julia died when she was only 44 when an off duty drunken policeman hit her as she walked home from Mimi's house. John was distraught and he and his sisters never got over their loss. He named his first son Julian after her.