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half-life: opposing force

> Overview

     In Half-Life: Opposing Force, players return to the Black Mesa Research Facility to engage in an entirely new episode of single player action and will be offered an enormous variety of new multiplayer content. Take on the role of Corporal Adrian Shephard and relive the Half-Life experience from an completely different perspective. Having the option of playing on the opposing force, the player will experiment with a host of new military, experimental and alien weapons. Alsot, in addition to confronting an entirely new alien race, players will meet and interact with a variety of new characters. Finally, to compliment the extensive new single player experience, gamers will compete in new multiplayer maps designed by industry "All-Stars" including Eric Reuter (Shadow Warrior, Unreal), Richard "Zdim" Carlson (Anachronox, Thief 2, American McGee's Alice), Tom "Paradox" Mustaine (Final Doom, SiN), David "Kevlar" Kelvin (Unreal: Return to Na Pali, Return to Castle Wolfenstein) and the famous Levelordô (Duke Nukem 3d, Quake: Scourge of Armagon, Heavy Metal: FAKK 2).
> Key Features
- Return to the Black Mesa Research Facility as soldier Adrian Shephard
- Experiment with a host of new military, experimental and alien weapons
- Battle a fierce new alien race and interact with more human characters
- Compete in new multiplayer maps designed by industry all-stars
- Opposing Force Capture the Flag multiplayer game for on-line team based action
> Screenshots
OtisPit Drone Attacks!Capture the Flag!
Medic!Shock TrooperPlay Online
> Preview Trailer
Download the video trailer for Half-Life: Opposing Force here: AVI (49.5MB)
> Opposing Force On-line
Now Available:  Opposing Force Capture the Flag!  OpFor CTF is a new multiplayer game available free of charge to owners of Half-Life: Opposing Force. OpFor CTF is the perfect compliment to Opposing Force All-Star deathmatch.
> Awards
Half-Life: Opposing Force has earned the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences award for the PC Action Game of the Year!

Half-Life: Opposing Force has also earned numerous other awards for Entertainment Software achievement:

- PC Gamer - "Game of the Month"
- PC Accelerator - "Add-on of the Year"
- Incite - "Add-on of the Year"
- PC Gamer - "Add-on of the Year" and "Game of the Year" runner-up
- Game Star - "Add-on of the Year"

> Half-Life: Opposing Force Customer Support
For technical support help visit http://www.sierra.com/support/techsupport.php or e-mail support@sierra.com.



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