The Apogee FAQ

By Samuel Stoddard

Version 7.01w - December 15, 2000


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        [1]  Introduction
          [1.1]  A Word From Me
          [1.2]  About This FAQ
            [1.2.1]  Obtaining the latest version of the FAQ
  New!      [1.2.2]  Revision history
          [1.3]  Obtaining Other Apogee-Related FAQs
          [1.4]  What Is Apogee?
          [1.5]  What Does "Apogee" Mean?
          [1.6]  How Apogee Markets Its Games
          [1.7]  Getting the Latest Information
  New!      [1.7.1]  Apogee's Internet mailing list
  New!      [1.7.2]  World Wide Web
          [1.8]  Apogee's Staff

        [2]  Historical Information
          [2.1]  The Apogee Theme Song
  New!    [2.2]  The Dopefish
          [2.3]  Early Games By Apogee's Executives
          [2.4]  Working Titles of Apogee Games
            [2.4.1]  Alternate titles for Wolfenstein 3D
  New!    [2.5]  Cancelled Projects
  New!    [2.6]  The Great Price Drop
          [2.7]  Apogee's Relationship With Other Companies
            [2.7.1]  What's Apogee's relationship with id?
            [2.7.2]  What's Apogee's relationship with Softdisk?
            [2.7.3]  What's Apogee's relationship with Parallax?
          [2.8]  History of Specific Apogee Games
            [2.8.1]  The Kroz Series
  New!      [2.8.2]  Commander Keen
            [2.8.3]  Crystal Caves and Secret Agent
            [2.8.4]  Duke Nukem and Duke Nukem II
  New!      [2.8.5]  Wolfenstein 3D and Spear of Destiny
              []  "Call Apogee and say Aardwolf"
              []  What's B. J. Blazkowicz's relationship with Commander Keen?
  New!      [2.8.6]  Halloween Harry and Alien Carnage
            [2.8.7]  Mystic Towers
  New!      [2.8.8]  Wacky Wheels
            [2.8.9]  Boppin
  New!      [2.8.10] Rise of the Triad
              [] ROTT characters
  New!        [] ROTT levels
  New!      [2.8.11] Terminal Velocity
            [2.8.12] Paganitzu and Realms of Chaos
  New!      [2.8.13] Duke Nukem 3D
  New!        [] Duke Nukem 3D theme music
  New!      [2.8.14] Balls of Steel

        [3]  About the Games
          [3.1]  PC Games
  New!      [3.1.1]  What games are currently available from Apogee?
  New!      [3.1.2]  What Apogee games are no longer sold?
            [3.1.3]  The games are too big to download!  Are there "split" versions?
  New!      [3.1.4]  What upgrade patches are currently available?
  New!      [3.1.5]  Hardware requirements and support
  New!      [3.1.6]  Companies involved with each game
          [3.2]  Console Games
  New!      [3.2.1]  What console games are currently available?
  New!      [3.2.2]  What console games are no longer sold?
  New!      [3.2.3]  Companies involved with each console game
  New!    [3.3]  Previews
  New!      [3.3.1]  What slide shows are currently available from Apogee?
            [3.3.2]  What games are forthcoming?

        [4]  The Almanac
          [4.1]  Release Dates
            [4.1.1]  PC Games
  New!      [4.1.2]  Console Games
  New!      [4.1.3]  Slide shows
  New!      [4.1.4]  Miscellaneous
          [4.2]  Cast of Characters
            [4.2.1]  Heroes
  New!      [4.2.2]  Villains
  New!      [4.2.3]  Cameos
          [4.3]  Behind the Scenes
            [4.3.1]  Programmers
            [4.3.2]  Artists
            [4.3.3]  Musicians
            [4.3.4]  Sound engine programmers
            [4.3.5]  Level designers
            [4.3.6]  Vocal artists
            [4.3.7]  Creative directors
  New!      [4.3.8]  Advertising layouts

        [5]  Obtaining the Games
          [5.1]  The Shareware Episodes
  New!      [5.1.1]  The Internet
  New!    [5.2]  The Registered Episodes
  New!      [5.2.1]  Ordering information
  New!      [5.2.2]  What combination deals does Apogee offer?
  New!    [5.3]  Other Products

        [6]  Playing the Games
  New!    [6.1]  Cheating
  New!      [6.1.1]  Complete cheat list
            [6.1.2]  Hex editing
              []  Raptor: Call of the Shadows
              []  Wacky Wheels
          [6.2]  Hints
            [6.2.1]  Paganitzu
            [6.2.2]  Commander Keen: Goodbye Galaxy and Aliens Ate My Babysitter
            [6.2.3]  Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition
            [6.2.4]  Stargunner
          [6.3]  Secrets and Other Fun Things
            [6.3.1]  Commander Keen: Goodbye Galaxy!
            [6.3.2]  Raptor: Call of the Shadows
  New!      [6.3.3]  Wacky Wheels
            [6.3.4]  Rise of the Triad
            [6.3.5]  Terminal Velocity
            [6.3.6]  XenoPhage: Alien Bloodsport
            [6.3.7]  Balls of Steel
          [6.4]  Troubleshooting
            [6.4.1]  Things to try first
            [6.4.2]  Setting the BLASTER environment variable
  New!      [6.4.3]  Slowing down your computer to play old games

        [7]  Contacting Apogee
          [7.1]  By Phone
          [7.2]  By Fax
          [7.3]  By Snail Mail
          [7.4]  Through Networks

  New!  [8]  Credits

        [9]  Dopefish and Friends


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