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Enterprise Systems Power 100

by ES Staff

The Enterprise Systems

POWER 100:

Our Picks for Today’sTop IT Leaders

Forget about California’s energy crisis for a minute. Try to momentarily set aside your thoughts on this summer’s outrageous prices for a gallon of gas. This is a story about a different kind of energy – the energy and ability certain individuals have to profoundly influence your life as an IT decision-maker. In fact, it’s about the power to influence the lives of all of us who work with technology.

The 100 technology experts, industry leaders, political heavies, media stars, millionaires, techie geniuses—and yes, a few oddballs and misfits (we’ll let you find them in the list yourself)—that make up this group were carefully selected by the editors of Enterprise Systems for a specific reason: They’ve affected the IT landscape for better or worse or have the power to greatly affect it going forward.

These 100 people range from powerful CEOs and top politicians, to bright scientific and mathematical minds that have contributed to the advance of technologies ranging from consumer electronic devices, to robotics, to peer-to-peer, to international security—and a host of other key advances. Sure, we’ve got Gerstner and Gates, McNealy and Fiorina and Chambers, but do you know who we’ve labeled the first “new economy” U.S. senator? Do you know who the country’s top cyber-cop is? And who’s making storage sexy these days? Who’s the longest-tenured CEO in the PC industry? And who uses technology to churn out some of the movie industry’s coolest special effects? They’re all here in the ES Power 100—movers and shakers and influential figures all.

Did we leave out someone who has transformed the world of IT for you? Did we inadvertently include someone you absolutely know should not be on this list? Send us your feedback at editor@esj.com. We’ll print a sampling of your comments in an upcoming issue.

The Top Five IT Leaders

Leaders No. 6-10

Leaders No. 11-20

Leaders No. 21-30

Leaders No. 31-40

Leaders No. 41-50

Leaders No. 51-75

Leaders No. 76-100


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