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This page of math, basketball and entertainment links was created by Jeff Hoyle, a teacher at the Dartmouth Middle School and the coach of the Dartmouth High School girls' basketball team. It is designed to be used by students, teachers, basketball players and coaches. Have fun and thanks for reading.

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  • Who was at the Boston State House Teacher Rally ? 16,000+ concerned educators including...

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  • Jeff Hoyle's NCTM Regional Conference Presentation, "Behind the Bars: A Short Lesson on Codes", November 2000.(Warning: May take time to load.)

    Check back often. I'm still here at MassEd.Net , and always adding more links to the pages. Remember, this page was created without the use of any HTML programs. By asking many questions and following the advice of numerous friends, I put this together with SimpleText, the Macintosh Computer and help from my son, Adam . Pretty amazing isn't it !

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