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Ulead Cool 3D 2.5

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Program Description

No steep learning curve involved!

Ulead's Cool 3D is perfect for use with web graphics, presentations, and multimedia projects.

Want flexibility, functionality and format support to create impressive animated titles, logos, and special effects to add impact to Web pages? Ulead's Cool 3D is for you! Ulead's Cool 3D supports Web standard GIF, GIF animations and JPEG files with all quality/compression and transparency/blending options.

Fun and easy, Ulead's Cool 3D offers Office integration and extensive creative features that let you create extraordinary 3D titles to spice up presentations and documents. OLE2 support makes pasting and linking in documents and presentations a simple process. No steep learning curve involved!

Use Ulead's Cool 3D to create full-frame, full-motion video with amazing special effects ideal for the opening or ending credits of any multimedia show. Now with interlaced video, BMP, JPG, and TGA image sequence output, create professional-quality results fast. TGA files are also supported by alpha channel masks for high-quality compositing and overlays.


The Basics:

Real-time, WYSIWYG editing environment
EasyPalette visual pick-and-apply environment
Floating/Dockable Toolbars (Standard, Text, Attribute, Animation, Location - XYZ, and Status Toolbars)
199-levels of undo for optimal creativity
Create documents larger than the screen resolution
Direct 3D hardware acceleration support for faster previews and rendering
Supports 128 characters per object with an unlimited number of objects
Drag-and-drop ready-to-go presets in the EasyPalette
Customize 3D settings using the Attribute toolbar
Save custom settings for reuse
Display Quality: Draft, Fair, Better, Best, Optimal Short cut keys to switch among tools and 3D faces
Set image dimensions by pixel, inch, or centimeter independent of the background image size
Copy, cut, paste, delete, import and export from folders in the EasyPalette
Quick output preview
Zoom in and our combo box for added flexibility
Support for additional Ulead COOL 3D plug-ins

3D Text and Objects:

Work with any True Type font including symbol fonts
Instant font previews for easy selection
Import WMF and EMF metafile graphics
Advanced texture mapping for front, front-bevel, side, back, and back-bevel faces
Easily increase and decrease text/object width, height and depth, as well as alignment
Control character and line spacing
Group and ungroup text and objects

3D Animation:

Easy-to-use Animation toolbar
Multiple key frame control over the style of all objects with separate timelines for each style
Move between key frames and set the number of key frames in the animation
Expert key frame control with independent motion key frames for "position", "rotation" and "size"
Animate amazing 3D special effects
Animation playback speed control
Drag-and-drop preset animation settings from the EasyPalette

System Requirements

Windows 95/98/ME/NT

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