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Welcome to the X-Philes for Christ website! We are a mailing list/prayer group of Christians who enjoy the TV show The X-Files. Our members come from many backgrounds, denominations, "philedom" and geographic locations around the world. Currently, we number around 80 people.

God has truly blessed XPFC!

Please, explore our site and get to know us. We're an interesting bunch- getting more interesting with each new member!

We really believe in the power of prayer. If you have any joys or concerns you would like us to take to the Lord, please e-mail Jodi, and she'll forward your prayer request to the list.

If you have any questions that are not answered in the FAQ or if you would like to join XPFC, please e-mail one of the co-admins, Kelly or Leah, and they'll be happy to help. Thanks for dropping by!

God's blessings be with you all!

XPFC, X-Philes for Christ

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