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Nature Images Screen Saver

Welcome. The Nature Images Screen Saver V2.0 is here. The trial version features 15 stunning, high resolution nature photographs. The screen saver is easy to install and work with. You can choose to have the images displayed in order or randomly. You can choose the speed at which the images change,and mouse sensitivity. You can even select whether or not to use a background sound and/or transitions!

Cedar Falls.JPG (12684 bytes)The screen saver is easily upgradeable, you can download the expansion packs below. It can handle an unlimited number of images, so you'll never get bored! In order to install the expansion packs you'll need to be a registered user. If you would like to download a free trial version continue reading.r

Download Info

Program name: natsetup.execranes.JPG (21970 bytes)
Program size: 4.1 meg
Version : 2.0
System Req. : 486/66 with 8 meg ram, win 95 or 98 & 256 color (or better)
Recommended System : Pentium class processor with 16 meg ram

Download Expansion Pack 1 - Click Here
(You will need your registration code to install it)

Download Expansion Pack 2 - Click Here
(You will need your expansion pack 2 registration code to install it)

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