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Britain 1500-1750 Links

The Age of King Charles V:
This site contains 1000 lovely illuminations from manuscripts held in the Biblioteque Nationale.

The Battle of Culloden:
A very detailed account of the battle with links to other information.

English Civil War:
A useful synopsis of the course of the war.

The Glorious Revolution of 1688:
A very thorough site with lots of information on this topic, including quotations, pictures, etc.

Gunpowder Plot Society:
An excellent and informative site covering all aspects of the Gunpowder Plot.

The Henry VIII Page:
Interesting and informative, although more for the layman than the 'professional' historian.

Queen Anne's Revenge:
A site dedicated to the flagship of the Pirate Blackbeard or Edward Teach.  Contains pretty pictures and historical background.  Might come in handy for piracy work.

Queen Elizabeth I - Selected Writings and Speeches:
I may have the body of a weak and feeble woman...&c.  You know the sort of stuff, pretty inspiring.

The Mary Rose:
For those of you who cannot get down to Portsmouth this site gives plenty of information on Henry VIII's great ship.

Oliver Cromwell:
A decent US page, with plenty of links, a timeline and other useful bits and pieces.  A bit childish in tone, so avoid it if you don't like that.

Oliver Cromwell - Lord Protector of England:
A basic biography, handy for picking up odd bits of information.

Richard III Discussion Page:
A page of informal discussion about Tudor and Yorkist issues, primarily Richard III.  Useful for those distortion of History question we like to do over the Tudor view of Richard.

Scurvy Dogs:
Basically text information on the Golden Age of piracy.  Quite informative, but lacks pictures and links.

Transcription of the Trial of Guy Fawkes:
A full trial transcription, might be a good basis for a classroom play or some source work.

Tudor England:
Excellent all-round Tudor site with plenty of information on the area.

Tudor Times:
A ribald parody of a possible Tudor newspaper.  Probably too strong for your little ones, but a decent mine for ideas.

Tudors and Stuarts:
A nice informative all-round site with information on all the period.

The Wars of the Roses:
Big informative page, packed with plenty to think about.

William Shakespeare of Stratford-upon-Avon:
Not only about the Bard, it contains useful information on his times as well.

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