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Personal Phonebook Plus!

Personal Phonebook Plus is a personal address, business, and reminder list all rolled into one. It’s designed to make your life easier by letting you organize all your personal information in one place. This software is designed to keep track of your personal phone numbers, addresses, e-mails, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas list, favorite businesses and more.

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Quick and Easy  (fun) to use -  tabbed interface makes it quick. Screen Shot
Store unlimited names of friends, family, relatives and favorite businesses
Keep track of Birthdays and Anniversaries.  Screen Shot
Use multiple Phonebooks, one for everyone in your family.
A backup utility is built right in.
A Reminder List helps you keep track of upcoming events. Screen Shot
Add your own custom info in 5 regular fields and 2 customizable drop down fields!
Easily link people to businesses.
A system tray icon makes this program easily accessible.
Print Envelopes for upcoming events.
"Smart" drop boxes remember your previous entries.
Print out a label for everyone on your Christmas list in minutes, instead of hand-writing for hours.
Find a person in a flash. As you type the name your looking for in the Quick Find box, the program will search for a match!
Find a business in a flash. (How many times have you flipped  through the yellow pages hunting for the number to the theater or pizza place?). As you type the business your looking for in the Quick Find box, the program will search for a match!
A new Copy feature makes letter writing a snap! Screen Shot
Put everyone's E-mail address in - you can even send E-mail from the program (if you have a standard POP3 e-mail account)!
Print out mailing labels for everyone on your list or only selected people.
Add Notes to any record with the click of a button
Make it safe. You can password protect this program with a few mouse clicks.
Sort people by first or last name, city or state. Sort businesses by name, city, state or zip.
Lots of options - set the program up the way YOU like it.
Automatically completes names in selected fields as you type - but only if you want it to!
Automatically puts dashes into phone numbers - but only if you want it to!
Dial the phone from the program with the click of a button and log the call to your notes.
Automatically capitalizes certain fields to save time - but only if you want it to!

Are you ready to really keep track of  everyone, or would you prefer to keep hunting for all those little scrapes of paper you put "somewhere"? Stop messing around, try the program for FREE. If you decide to keep it it's only $14.95. It may be the best deal you'll ever get on software :o)

Download Info

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System Requirements:

PC running Win 95 / 98

Program name: PBKsetup.exe
Program size: 4.57 meg
Version : 2.1.2
System Req. : 486/66 with 8 meg ram & win95 or 98
Recommended System : Pentium class processor with 16 meg ram

This is a free upgrade for registered users of Personal Phonebook Plus.

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