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The new way to surf the web has arrived.Link 5stars
Try our new, Award Winning, FREE web browser, SmartBrowse. It takes surfing the web to the next level.

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Allows for multiple pages to be open at the same time. You can quickly switch from page to page either with the click of a button or a menu. Screen Shot
With the ability to have multiple web pages open at the same time, you'll find it MUCH easier to conduct searches and find what your looking for. No more hitting the Back button dozens of times to get back to your search page. Just open new pages.
Why only have 1 homepage? You can have as many as you like with this new browser, and they all load at simultaneously. Imagine having one for news, one for sports, and one for your local weather. And they all come up when you run your browser.
Hundreds of online resources are at your fingertips. A few of our categories include Travel, News, Sports, Weather, Games, General Info, and Outdoors. And that's only a few of the categories! If you can't find what you're looking for with the links in this browser, it's probably not out there!
Has 12 of the BEST search engines on the net PLUS you can add 4 custom ones of your own! Other companies stick you with the ones they like. Why not have a browser that lets you put in the one(s) you like?
Features a bookmark system, rather than a menu. You can select which bookmarks are located on your bookmarks menu and which ones only reside in the database. Screen Shot

ZDNet says, "... SmartBrowse adds a comprehensive bookmarking database system that simply shames the folks in Redmond. "
Never lose you web passwords again with our bookmarks. They can keep track of your usernames and passwords if you like. You can even password protect them from prying eyes!
Add notes to your bookmarks so you never forget why you bookmarked a site.
Organize your bookmarks by date created, last access, OR put them in alphabetical order. And switch from one sort mode to another effortlessly.
SmartBrowse gives you access to your FREE WorldStart e-mail account, or you can use it to launch your default e-mail app.

Download Info

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System Requirements:lock.gif (2707 bytes)

PC running Win 95 / 98 /ME

Download Info:
File name: Sbsetup.exe
File size: 3.9 meg
Version: 1.0.1
System Req. : 486 processor with 16 meg ram, win 98 / 95 Internet Explorer 4.0 or better
Recommended System : Pentium 166 processor with 32 meg ram (or better)

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