Candy Candy Copyright Lawsuits "for Beginners"

This is the summary of so-called "Candy Lawsuits".
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1975 ( - 1979 )
"Candy Candy" started appearing serially on "NAKAYOSHI", a
monthly comic magazine published by Kodansha, Japan.
Written by Kyoko Mizuki and drawn by Yumiko Igarashi.

1976 (- 1979 )
Candy Candy's TV cartoon series was produced by Toei Animation and broadcasted on TV Asahi.
For more than 20 years since then,
the copyright of "Candy" was shared by Kyoko Mizuki and Yumiko Igarashi
under the management of Kodansha.
However, the right to make "Candy goods" was held by Toei Animation.

The management contract with Kodansha expired. As a result,
the two authors were in charge of copyright management.

Mizuki and Igarashi agreed that goods makers get permission
from BOTH Mizuki and Igarashi to use Candy's images on their products.
Mizuki and Igarashi both signed the contract.

Mizuki found out that Igarashi started Candy business without notifying Mizuki.
In Hong Kong, "Candy Candy" comics were published.
In Japan "Candy Print Club", instant photo machines, with images of Candy were found.
Mizuki didn't know about either case until she was informed by a third person.

When Mizuki asked about them, Igarashi , for the first time,
required her permission to make those Candy goods.
Mizuki refused to answer because she didn't know the business details yet.
Igarashi declared the expiration of the agreement between them and started selling
"Candy replica images" (!). (Sorry! now writting)

Although Mizuki tried to have a meeting with Igarashi, it never happened.
To make herself clear, Mizuki filed lawsuits against
Igarashi and Fujisankei Adwork Planning for making replica pictures of Candy Candy.
But surprising thing happened.
In the court Igarashi said "I created Candy Candy by myself" and "the copyright should belong only to me".
(This is the very beginning of so-called Candy lawsuits.)

While they were fighting in the court,
Igarashi never stopped making Candy goods (!) nor making money from Candy business (!) .

The judge decided "Igarashi CANNOT make or sell Candy goods
without Mizuki's permission because a part of the copyright of Candy belonged to Mizuki".
However, Igarashi appealed to a higher court insisting that her right for Candy images was taken away.

Igarashi started a new lawsuit with her new lawyers.
She insisted "Candy's images were solely hers. What's wrong with using my drawings ?"

But..... we love Candy Candy not only because of her charming images but also of the intriguing story.
Moreover, lots of images printed on goods are from scenes of Candy story.
Those scenes couldn't have been created without the story written by Mizuki.
We think it's fair that Mizuki has a part of the copyrights as she has had. How do you think ???

Meanwhile, Igarashi kept making the goods makers produce Candy goods.
Her reason is that "the judge has not decided it's illegal or not yet,
so we still have right to make them" or "I'll win the lawsuits for sure, don't worry about it".
She also started Candy business abroad.
In Hong Kong, Candy Illustration Book was published and radio drama series
"Candy Candy" was started.

Wait a minute ! Radio drama is all about story written by Ms. Mizuki, isn't it ???
You don't see any IMAGES on RADIO....

Tokyo High Court advised both side to have a settlement.
But, their negotiations totally broke down !
(See details on "Where the suits going ?", "Claims from both sides" (!) ) (Sorry! now writting)

Tokyo High Court threw the suit out of court. (This means Mizuki literally won the suit.)

Ms. Igarashi appealed to Supreme Court ! This appeal is currently under the court's process.
We don't know the result yet.

* The article on this page is written based on the contents on official web sites both of Ms.Mizuki and Ms.Igarashi.
(Mostly on Ms. Mizuki's because the information about the lawsuits on Ms. Igarashi's is limited.)
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