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e-gold: G&SR to stop accepting US$ checks and money orders (06-26-00)

Effective June 26, 2000, G&SR will no longer accept mailed remittances
in fulfillment of US$ InExchanges.  G&SR advises those e-gold customers
who wish to remit checks or money orders in exchange for e-metal to take
their exchange business to this retail market maker:

Any form of mailed remittance (>= US $500) received on or after June 26,
2000 will be handled as follows:

1.  If in fulfillment of an exchange order placed prior to June 26,
2000, G&SR will accept the check or money order.
2.  If in fulfillment of an exchange order placed on or after June 26,
2000, G&SR will cancel the exchange order and forward the check or money
order to GoldChanger.

For the time being, G&SR will continue to accept checks and money orders
for CAD, GBP, and AUD.  However, in the near future, G&SR will no longer
accept mailed remittances of *any* national currency.  A date for this
forthcoming change has not yet been set.

This change is just one of a series reflecting G&SR's decision to focus
on providing wholesale exchange services.  G&SR anticipates that
independent retail market makers will fill any voids created by its
withdrawal from this segment of the market, providing e-gold users with
a level of service and range of choices previously unavailable.

Changes relating to G&SR's emphasis on wholesale exchange will not
affect exchanges from e-metal to national currency (OutExchange); thus,
e-gold users may continue to use OutExchange with Directed Payment
(OEDP) as a means to pay entities who do not yet have e-gold accounts
(i.e. to pay the credit card bill).  However, G&SR's customers are
encouraged to start referring to this innovative hybrid exchange service
as "OmniPay".

 - Reid -

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