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The Manson Girl Info Center

left to right: Gypsy, Sue, Sandy, unknown male, Mary, Clem, Squeaky- early 1971

Welcome to the Manson Girl Info Center! This site was set up as a source of information about the group of people known as the "Manson girls." Many people who know Charles Manson is, but the women who followed him are often depicted as nameless, faceless zombies. I have set up this site to try to establish their identities and perhaps shed some light on why they chose to pledge their allegiance to such a man.

Please note that this site is not "pro-Manson" nor is it out to condemn anyone. It is simply here as a source of information.

Susan Atkins

Ella Jo Bailey

Susan Bartell

Mary Brunner

Madaline Cottage

Lynette Fromme

Catherine Gillies

Sandra Good

Barbara Hoyt

Linda Kasabian

Patricia Krenwinkel

Diane Lake

Kathryn Lutesinger

Ruth Ann Moorehouse

Nancy Pitman

Barbara Rosenberg

Stephanie Schram

Catherine Share

Leslie Van Houten

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