Atari Prototype Arcade Games

Arcade Classics (Updated 1/2/02)

AKKA ARRH (Updated 1/2/02)

Bevis and Butthead (Updated 1/2/02)

Bradley Trainer - Military Battlezone (Updated 1/2/01)

CyberStorm (updated 1/2/02)

Die Alien Scum (updated 1/02/02)

Dr. Sparkz Lab

Fishing Frenzy (updated 1/02/02)

Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters Prototype- (updated 1/13/02) Hand Drawn Marquee

Gravitar with factory installed Amplifone - (Factory Test Machine)

Prototype Major Havoc

Marble Madness II - Marble Man (updated 1/2/02)

Primal Rage II (updated 1/02/02)

Quantum - AMOA show machine -Different artwork (prototype)

Tempest serial # 00001 - Vortex Boardset and AliensWiring

Vapor TRX -(Proto version with only 3 tracks)

Viscious Circle (Atari Proto)

My Board Collection

Freeze (Atari Proto)- Single Board Version

Freeze (Atari Proto) - 3 board version

Freeze Flyer (Atari Proto)

Freeze Sideart (updated 1/02/02)

Beathead (Atari Proto)

Tenth Degree (Atari Proto)

Road Riots Revenge- (Atari proto)

Fishing Frenzy Marquee (updated 1/02/02)

Alpha One- Early Major Havoc- (Atari proto)

Lunar Battle -early Gravitar Proto- runs on Space Duel HW.

Other Prototypes

Tomcat Vector Game (Atari 1985)

Paperboy Prototype cabinet

Prototype Firefox (sold)

Gold Asteroids (added 1/02/02)

Wolf Pack (added 1/13/02)

Regular Production Games

Aztarac - I need a Joystick......

Eliminator 4 Player Cocktail

Mad Planets

Marble Madness -*NEW 1/13/02* The cleanest machine I have every seen


Rush 2049

Rush the Rock


Marble Madness

Major Havoc - dedicated

Pinball Machines

Twilight Zone Pinball

Cactus Canyon

Fireball II

Revenge From Mars