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Friday, May 18, 2001

Root of All Root Beer

I used to think I was all alone in my love of root beer. Not so! In fact, there are so many root beer lovers around the world that they've now taken to meeting on the World Wide Web. I'm Charles Bowen with the Internet News.

Today's report: The Root of All Root Beer. Did you know there are literally hundreds of unique brands of good old-fashioned root beer, not to mention dozen of home-brew recipes? And a new Web site has a mission to enhance our appreciation of this classic North American beverage. You can order assorted brands online, hook up with other root beer lovers around the planet and even find ways to invest financially in your favorite brewers.

I'm Charles Bowen with The Internet News, brought to you, in part, by the new CompuServe 2000. Fast connections. Easier email. The value leader in Internet Access. CompuServe 2000 -- at 1-888-692-1122.



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