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Sega Dreamcast 2?April 05
A German Website, has announced that Sega will be releaseing another new console, and it will hit store shelves this year! They say by September there will be a fouth console in the race. It will run on mini-DVDs like the Game Cube, CPU speed 800 MHz, and internet compatible. It does sound like a big rumor to me, but it would explain why Sega won't tell us the whereabouts of Shenmue III. Could they be purposely keeping quiet, and keeping the game a secret for the Dreamcast 2? I doubt it, but anything is possible.

SEGA-AM2 NOT bankruptApril 03
Before I get any more emails from concerned fans, the whole AM2 bankrupt thing was just a horrible April Fools joke. I'm not that mean, but one of my staffers sure thought it was funny. Anyway Shenmue 2x and III are still coming, don't worry.

Today we have another big Fan Section update. On great new Shenmue III story and two more fan drawings.

Shenmue III information Galore!April 01
Right before Game Jam 2002 was coming to a close on Sunday, Suzuki had a small conference showing off none other but Shenmue III. The few allowed in could not take pictures, but their stories by themselves are good enough! I'm sorry to disappoint you, but April Fools! In actuality, GameJam was a disappointment for us Shenmue fans. Shenmue III was not even mentioned. Anyway there is always E3, which will take place in May. But until them, take our new poll, and look at the new Fan Art.

Suzuki shows the GameCube love!March 30
The annual GameJam expo started today, but sadly no news on Shenmue III. Instead of talking about Shenmue III, Yu Suzuki talked about his latest game he refered to as "Virtua Fighter 10th Anniversary Special Project." Yu Suzuki described this Nintendo GameCube exclusive title as a action-adventure in which story is important. It sounds remarkably similar to Shenmue. I just hope AM2 hasn't forgotten abou tour favorite lil game. Here is a video link to the presentation from Sega Japan’s site:

Shenmue II: The Movie... A BOOTLEG COPY!March 29
I've received numerous e-mails about the Shenmue II: Movie, and this is what I've found out. The Shenmue II: The Movie was developed without Sega's knowledge or permission. Since the maker is Taiwan-based, they were able to make a Bootleg movie that was neither licensed or endorsed by Sega in any way. Now I'll share with you with some comments from unsatisfied fans who bought the Movie.

"It's bootleg to the core: it was simply somebody recording all the cinemas right off the game and slapping them onto 2 DVDs. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT get this DVD. Wait for AM2 to release an official Shenmue II movie instead of letting some losers make a buch off ya" - Ocky (

"Sadly it has been somewhat disappointing... Unlike the first movie, it wasn't carefully pieced together with extra little clips pieced in to create some sort of flow. They merely took all of the cutscenes and placed them one after another... that means a lot of story gaps and almost no fighting... None of the free battles or even QTEs are included - which sucks becuase they would have been the coolest parts to rewatch - Falcon (

"Image quality is just ok, the movie is widescreen (even the free battle sequences are widescreen, they have magnified the image to hide the 'energy bar' at the bottom of the screen) but it's not anamorphic. Colors are vibrant but definition is not very high. Both discs are 1 side / 1 layer so you can't expect too much. Sound quality is a mixed bag. The entire movie is Dolby Surround, but some scenes sound better than others. For example, the introduction with Shenhua sounds loud and clear, but the credits sequence is almost silent, you will have to raise the volume up to hear it. The menu is different in each disc, it's static but it does include images from the game and music. Chapter selection is terrible, only 6 chapter stops in 2 hours and no logic at all, they seem randomly selected! Regarding subtitles, it only includes Chinese subtitles and they are NOT removable, like Video Cds." - Rubén (

"Like the first movie, it's entirely made up of game footage, and like the first one, it's a bit tedious, especially at four hours long, and being in Japenese with only Chinese subtitles." - Ben (

Rubén ( also was kind enough to send me several pictures of the Shenmue: The Movie II (Below). Even though many people "bad-mouthed" this DVD the main menu screens look pretty good. The link to Yes Asia we supplied in the last update does not work anymore. Maybe they sold out, or maybe Sega took action. Either way I have no idea why this is, but maybe it's for the best. I suggest you wait for the offical DVD before purchasing this bootleg copy. And if you don't want to take my advice just read those comments above.

Shenmue II: The MovieMarch 27
Everyday I search the net, surfing for any Shenmue news. I usually find things first, but this is completely new to me! I was informed by a fan,, that there is a Shenmue II: The Movie, but on top of that it's already for sale! is selling the 2 disc DVD for only $24.75, but I believe they only ship to North America and Hong Kong. The two DVDs are in Japanese, but with traditional Chinese subtitles. Published by: Da Rui Co. Ltd and runs a total of 242 minutes. But best of all, it works with all DVD region codes. The description also says 'Japanese Animation', so does that mean it also uses Dreamcast rendered footage? I'm curious to what the other disc is, so if anyone purchases this disc, please clue me in. :)

More Fan ArtMarch 26
We have yet another Shenmue Drawing to add to the Fan Section. Someone sent me this beautiful Ryo Manga drawings, but sadly I never wrote down his/her name and email address. So if this art work belong to you, please conatact me and I'll work things out. Thanks.

Prima Guide Slip Up?March 25
Prima will be releasing their Shenmue IIx HB Guide on November 11th 2002. Prima has contacts with major game developers and usually gets the inside scoop on release dates and such. If The Strategy Guide will be out on 11/06/02 then Shenmue IIx will be released on that date or close. Also E3 2K2 is comming soon, but as you know the public is not allowed inside. What would you do for tickets? Tell us in the new poll.

Shenmue III Advertisement?March 23 sent me a Shenmue III advertisement he found while surfing the net. At a first glance it looks legitimate, but was a closer inspection you can tell it was done by an amateur. Never the less, it's a good example of what the Shenmue III logo will eventually look like. View the whole picture by clicking on the Shenmue III logo.

Fan SectionMarch 20
Both the Shenmue - Twins of Fate story and 2 more Fan Art drawings have been added to the Fan Section.

More Shenmue Fan ArtMarch 18
It seems like the rest of the internet has forgotten about our little game called Shenmue, but the fans sure have not! Check out the Fan Art Section for three more excellent drawings, or Submit your own drawing. Also make sure to vote in the weekly poll.

Shenmue RPG & Fan ArtMarch 15
Our Shenmue Fan Section finally has some Fan Art to show off! We only have two submissions, and are looking for more artistic Shenmue fans to cooperate. Please send in your Fan Art to Andy. You may remember our old Text Based Shenmue RPG, but come July we will be hosting a new Shenmue RPG. We have few details on gameplay, but we know it will take place in Dobuita and follow a new story line. As for now we have two screen shots for you to feast your eyes on. As the game progesses we will have more details, but for now you can contact the developer Aroller.

Sega's "New" GameMarch 13
The Official Japanese AM2 website reports that at the upcoming Game Jam 2 event will feature a "new" Sega/AM2 game. Game Jam is the Japanese expo that Sega usually announces their big new titles, so could this new game be Shenmue III? Unfortunately Sega is doing what they do best... be secretive. There is no further details or hints yet, so we'll have to wait until the expo starts on March 30th.               


Suzuki comments on Shenmue II (Xbox)March 12
In a interview with Gamespot about Virtua Fighter 4 Yu Suzuki was asked about the progress of Shenmue 2 on X-box:

GS: Speaking of the Xbox, what can you say about Shenmue II on the Xbox?

YS: Well, it's already been brought over to the Xbox. The gameplay is intact.

GS: How much does the hardware affect how you develop a game? How will Shenmue II take advantage of the Xbox?

YS: What we did first was bring the game over pretty much the way it was on the Dreamcast. The next step after that is to see how much we can take advantage of the Xbox and make it better. We're going to go through the game part by part to make the best use of the hardware and then put it all together.

Twins of Fate Ch. 3-4March 11
Before you get to into the next chapters of Roland Scarlett's Shenmue Fan Fiction entitled Shenmue Twins of Fate, please check out this weeks Poll. I've been very excited in this years E3, because it will most definitly have the games that will make or break the new next generation consoles. Which game (Besides Shenmue III) do you hope to see there this year? Tell us in the poll!

Even More Fan Stuff!March 9
Shenmue may not be the top game being shown off at many sites anymore, but the fans are still there! Our Fan Section has two more updates for today. First, we have the second chapter of the Shenmue Harobr Wars story. And also, Frank Kool, sent us a very detailed Shenmue Plot Analysis that obviously goes over the plot, but also answers some questions, and even gives the authors opinion of Lan Di's true identity. This is a can't miss for all Shenmue fans!

Shenmue 2xMarch 7
Shenmue 2x may come sooner then expected. If you are unaware, after Sega cancelled Shenmue II for the Dreamcast, rumors spread that US gamers will have to wait until Fall of this year. But, some big Xbox fan sites are predicting as early as May. This is about the same time E3 2K2 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) will hit Los Angeles. Will we get a special surprise early launch? Well, we here at Shenmue Dojo sure do! As you can probably tell, that is not the official Shenmue2x, but the real deal will look similar.

Also, the Dojo Forums have been on a down fall lately, so I gave admin duties to a friend "Vash the Stampede". He is going to try and bring them back up to their once high status. And one last note, the domain is going to expire soon, but I have alreayd re-registered it for another year. So there may be a day or so when that URL does not direct you to us. Please write down this URL just in case.

Shenmue Goodies PollMarch 5
To help advertise video games in Japan, some publishers market special little goodies based after characters in a game. And Shenmue was no exception. Japanese gamers got Shenmue mugs, wallets, calenders, cups, and much more; but we're stuck here with nothing. Not even a frickin' soundtrack! That brings us to our new poll of the week: "If Sega released Shenmue Goodies outside of Japan, would you buy some?" Maybe Japanese game publishers will realize that we want the goods too!

Another Fan SectionMarch 4
Today I received another Shenmue Fan Fiction story. It was actually inspired by one of the stories in our Fan Section. I am very excited to share with you the new Twins of Fate Fan fiction.

Shenmue Fan SectionMarch 3
Another exciting Fan Fiction story has been added to the Shenmue Fan Section. Also, we are egar to get in some new Fan Fiction stories, or fan art. Please send in any submissions to".

Shenmue II LocationsMarch 1
To expand our extensive Shenmue II media coverage, we have 185 new screens of the Shenmue II Environments. To organize all these screens each quarter in Kowloon and Wan Chai have their own pages. Also, our Forums went from dead last, to the second most popular forum at Forum Planet! That's quite an accomplishment for all the Dojo Forum members! Please check out the Dojo Forums @ .

Shenmue II ClipsFebruary 27
10 new clips have been added to the Shenmue II video page which starts the events of disk 3.~HellRaiser~


Will you get Shenmue IIX?February 26
There has been a lot of talk after the American rights to Shenmue II have been sold to Microsoft. Some gamers were very angry, other were delighted, and some even quit the Shenmue saga all together. This is why I believe the Shenmue 2x (Shenmue II Xbox) sales will suffer. What are your plans? Will you buy it? Tell us in the weekly poll.

Dragons Forever Chapter 2February 25
RisingTiger187 has sent me the next chapter to his Shenmue fan fiction Dragons Forever. Since the fan section is now up I encourage everyone to send in his/her fanart/fanfiction. ~HellRaiser~


Shenmue II Fighter StylesFebruary 23
Shenmue II features many fighting styles. Each new fighter is a master at one. To learn more about a particular style and fighter visit the new fighter Styles page. Fully equipped with descriptions by Imawano Hyo, and screens taken by Dojo Staffer: HellRaiser.

Shenmue III Multiplatform February 21
Now that Sega fans are scattered among all three Next-Generation consoles, some Shenmue fans will miss out on Shenmue III. You don't want that to happen to you, right? Then sign the new Petition going around. started this petition and will send it to Sega of America when we get enough signatures.

New AffiliateFebruary 20
Want daily updates on all your favorite Next Generation consoles? Then you should check out out new affiliate Games Reaper! Some minor Shenmue news: Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2002 will be held on May 21-24. We will finally see some Xbox Shenmue II screens and maybe get a release date. Will the graphics be that much better? Or is there any special features in the Xbox version? What are the plans for the rest of the Shenmue saga? These questions that have been driving us Shenmue fans nuts should also be answered this May.

May it Rest in Peace...February 19
That's it, the Sega Dreamcast is officially dead. On February 13th the last game, Sega Sports NHL 2K2, was released. The Dreamcast may be gone, but don't let it rest in peace. Don't put it away in your closet to collect dust! Take it out and play all our favorite games! Remember the Dreamcast as a wonderful console just not ready for today's market, and cast your vote for the best Dreamcast game in the new poll.

We had some minor problems lately, but everything is fixed. Updates will resume on a regular basis for now on.

Shenmue II No ShowsFebruary 14
We searched the internet to find any Shenmue screen shots that were originally believed to be in Shenmue II. Now we have a dozen old pictures that didn't make the cut to be part of the final version. The 'Shenmue II No Show' page has some information and screens on some very mysterious screens.

New ArticleFebruary 13

 We now have a new article written by Jotaro which explains his own take on the the Shenmue plot. (Shenmue 2 spoiler) Shenmue Dojo will soon have a fan section and to start it off we have a fan fic by Risingtiger187 titled "Dragon Forever"

Some explanationsFebruary 9

Hello “Shenmue Dojo-Goers” long time no see. I'm Andy the webmaster of Shenmue Dojo. You have probably noticed my absence at the Dojo recently. Don't worry, Shenmue Dojo is not closing nor nearing the end. But thanks to HellRaiser for taking charge we are stronger then ever! So here's my explanations: For some strange reason internet connection suddenly stopped working about 2 weeks ago. I tried everything I could for about a week, but all I did was pull out my hair and break pencils in anger. lol So instead of abusing myself anymore I finally decided to get professional help. We still don't know what the exact problem is, but with no big surprise it's a error thanks to Billy Gates and Microsoft. :P

You probably don't care much about my problems, but I just want to re-assure that we're not dead, and I should be back very soon. Also, I haven't been able to check my email for the past 2 weeks so I'm sure I have hundreds of new emails. So please be patient, I will try to answer each and every email when I'm fully operational.

More Movies and MusicFebruary 7

 12 new clips have been added to the Shenmue II movies which completes all the main scenes of disk 2. A few new tracks have also been added to the Shenmue II music as well. If anyone has any questions, comments concerning the site please email me as Andy is not back yet but will be soon!. ~HellRaiser~




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