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Diggit! facilitates image searching 05/Jun/2001
USA Today names Diggit! a Hot Site, driving record-breaking traffic to www.diggit.com.
Diggit!x2: Over 12 million images served 04/Jun/2001
Bulldozer Software engineers spent the weekend updating the Diggit! image index from under 6 million images to well over 12 million.  We expect this increase to noticably improve the breadth of keyword matches as well as the quality of content-based "similar" search results.
Diggit! helps "Find the Right Image" 07/May/2001
About.com's Web Search category is featuring a spotlight article on image searching.  Diggit! is named one of the three winners, in good company with Lycos and AltaVista.  An entire page of the article is devoted to Diggit!, where the author thoughtfully describes content-based image searching, and offers tips to new users on how to get the best results from Diggit!
Diggit! recognized by PC World 07/Apr/2001
The May issue of PC World hit newsstands today with a cover article called "Web Savvy: Smarter Ways to Search."  Click here to read the article, in which Diggit! is called "new and innovative" and "ingenious" with a "cornucopia of features."
Diggit! opens to the public 07/Feb/2001
Today Bulldozer Software engineers hauled their cluster of custom servers to an Exodus co-location facility in Waltham, MA.  The Diggit! image search engine (www.diggit.com) is intended as a demo of Bulldozer's core image searching technology.  The initial index size is nearly 6 million images.
Bulldozer Software receives funding 01/Sep/2000
Three months after incorporating, Bulldozer Software has secured the funding necessary to bring its image search technology to market.  Four angel investors supplied the seed money which will be used to file patents, purchase equipment, and pay salaries, co-location fees, and legal expenses in support of bringing Diggit! online in Q1 2001.
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