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FOR RELEASE: March 29, 1999

Worldwide Standards Underscore Yukon�s
Superior Safety Features

NEW YORK � The 2000 Yukon Show Truck�s safety features stand head and shoulders above competing designs. They incorporate not only North American, but world-wide safety features, such as those of the European Economic Community (EEC) and the Economic Commission for Europe (ECE).

"Everywhere one looks in Yukon, superior safety features are evident, from those designed to avoid accidents � like braking, to those designed help protect its occupants � like front seat side-impact air bags," said Dennis O�Donnell, Yukon brand manager.

Energy-Absorbing Frame

The truck�s unique modular frame absorbs more energy than previous models, with front rails that telescope inward during a collision to help absorb the impact. Thus, they reduce injury risk for Yukon�s occupants.

Improved Braking

Yukon�s improved four-wheel disc braking system, with larger mass rotors and 40-percent larger pads and improved ABS system, including Dynamic Rear Proportioning System, reduces stopping distance. Dynamic Rear Proportioning is activated when the rear tires begin to slip, but not enough to require full ABS. It provides maximum pressure to rear brakes during most stops and, at an impending brake lockup, removes just enough pressure to keep rear brakes in good balance with the front brakes.

Unique Amber Signals

Yukon features unique amber-colored turn signal and hazard lights that stand out more clearly in traffic as an alert to other drivers and pedestrians. Hazard lights, incorporated into the turn signal, also stand out more clearly from � and cannot be overridden by � red brake lights.

Improved Lighting

Yukon Show Truck also features new halogen projector headlamps, daytime running lights (which minimize glare to oncoming drivers), fog lamps and a faster-responding LED center high-mounted stop lamp (CHMSL), providing quicker signals to others of the vehicle�s intent to stop.

Side Air Bags

In addition to front air bags, Yukon is equipped with driver and passenger seat-mounted side-impact air bags � a feature not found on other domestic full-size SUVs in its class.

Stronger Seat Designs

Seats feature seatbacks and higher headrests designed for improved rear impact protection There are head restraints on the outboard seating positions in all three rows.

Third-Row Seat Safety

Third-row split bench seats have a special interlocking feature that prevents them from being put into a upright position unless they are firmly secured to the floor. The feature prevents the seats from being used if they are improperly installed, loosely stored in the vehicle or laying on the ground.

Third-row seats also feature convenient handles and transport wheels that allow them to be easily and safely removed and rolled away for storage.

Larger Mirrors/Puddle Lamps

Extra large heated power outside rearview mirrors provide a wider field of vision, reducing driver blind spots. The mirrors include "puddle lights" that allow occupants to inspect the ground directly below and rearward of their location before stepping into or out of the vehicle.

"Not only are customers getting a vehicle that maneuvers more like a car, they benefit from superior safety standards � worldwide. That�s bound to make driver and passenger feel even more secure about being in a Yukon," said O�Donnell.

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